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Spam bots ATTACK


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@Buckshot hey bucks, I just open a thread here, cause there is not a REPORT option to report maliciousessages links here.

So I report it here. A similar attack happened in Evoweb last week as you know, I assume.


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Here you have another two... also, search option is not working yet, as an PES2012 enjoyer I used to visit old posts a lot but now is really hard to do a simply search.


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its getting ridiculous
Can't do a damn thing to stop it.....The owner setup a spambot script to help prevent it but the porn ones are riding under the radar probably due their IP not being listed as spam.

Here is a screenshot of new registered users that are pegged as spambots that can be banned before they even are able to post on the forum.

I already reached out to the owner about the SEARCH and POSTING problems without any reply. The forum barely works as it is now because of these issues. To be honest, I barely visit this forum much these days because of the lack of functionabilty. I stop by maybe once in the morning or at night to ban those pegged as spambots.


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