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Stadiums and Ad-boards for the XBOX360?


Registered User

I've been searching all morning for an option file/download/tutorial for creating stadia with ad-boards for the XBOX 360, but all i can see is data for the PS3

Are there any links available that can point me in the right direction?

I see Rainey has done some great work for the PS3 and would love to have it on the 360!


zee ole

Registered User
You can't insert Adboards for stadiums on the 360 mate. Apparently its down to Microsoft not allowing you to insert any pictures/music into the game. But Microsoft seem to allow it for games like FIFA and Fight Night so it maybe Konami aswell.

But yeah, either way we can't insert any adboards for stadiums. Just look through the PS3 Stadium threads and use the stand forumluas ect, just ingore the adboards and you should be able to create some good stadiums.


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you can insert adboards fine with a modded xbox and editing them straight to the game disc. just not ingame edit mode style.