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Stoke City

Who sells the most watches on teh beach?

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I think Sorensen dislocated his elbow. Must have been the way it snapped back after his wrist/hand got caught. That's two dislocations for goalkeepers in the space of two days. :mellow:

I can't see Stoke being anywhere near as easy for Man Utd now. After today, they will be be trying to redeem themselves. Hopefully it won't matter but a draw would be nice for that match, just for added satisfaction.

uA - 1905

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Yo Nath,

I hope you regret selling Leon Cort now. You might ask "Why would I regret not having that piss head in my team?"

Here's the answer:

Ever since good ol Leon joined Burnley, his performance has been absolutely shit as expected. They conceded a hefty 34 in the 14 games he's played in so far.

Something else you'd expect is that he hasn't been booked at all in those games. In fact he hasn't been booked since August 2001, which would surprise neither of us having seen his style of play.

As a result, Burnley are topping the Fair Play league. And if Fulham win the cup, they're going to Europe. :lol:

So they've basically paid 1.5 million to qualify for Europe and get all the nice parachute payment. What a clever little team. Oh and I see the fans have seen the real Tuncay, I've always told you he's a despicable cunt so I hope you feel the same way towards him now.



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Hi uA,

Thanks for your concern. Tunny is still class, just misguided. Leon can swivel.

Fuck you very much.

Kind Regards,


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He looks like Screech from Saved by the Bell.

I think it's pretty clear that we weren't too fussed about the result yesterday as Danny Collins was strutting his samba skills on the left-wing. :nath:


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Any business with West Ham will be done near the end of the window, imo. Kenwyne Jones is more likely than Cole I believe, but I don't think either are substitutes for Remy. Pulis wants two strikers.

Top Gun

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Rumours on the United forums of Gibson going out on loan to you for the season. Not sure how much truth is behind it....


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Rumours on the United forums of Gibson going out on loan to you for the season. Not sure how much truth is behind it....
There definitely are legs to it. I have no idea what that would leave for Gibson's future with you leaves if this happens. We've been chasing one of two midfielders from you all summer, looks like Gibson is more likely. Although, I think Pulis would rather Jenas to Gibson.

diggin the new stoke top. I'll never tire of adidas !
The home or the away shirt? I really like the away top, but the home is doing nothing for me still!

Furthermore, Rodallega's signing is moving nicely. Sounds like loan with a view to a permanent move, and Tuncay going to Wigan on a similar deal.


If you get Rodallega, do you reckon he'll play often? A starter? I currently have him in my Dream Team and if Wigan carry on like this, I'll have to avoid their players for as long as possible.


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Pulis wanted KJ and Rodders as his front two in January, and we were very close with the latter. Infact, had Marcelo Moreno's signing come two or three days earlier, he'd probably have joined. I think he'd be a starter, Pulis likes to use Fuller as an impact sub when he can and I agree with TP that Fuller's most dangerous when used in this way.

I'm not saying he'll sign, but it looks like there's definitely something to it, irrespective of what Pulis said in his interview with SSN today.

Top Gun, you heard anything about Obertan on-loan to us too?