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Stoke City

Who sells the most watches on teh beach?

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If there ever was a team you'd want Delap's throws against, it's Arsenal :fplm:

Fair play to Stoke. 3 wins in a row at home, looking good.


PESGaming legend in opposite world
Well done to Stoke. With Delap and Big Guys, there's a big chance they can avoid relegation.


The Three Amigos
SAF won't be stupid enough to change our gameplan like Arsene did.

Hopefully :/


I respect Wenger a lot aswell, i think i was the only one who stuck up for him after the Stoke game in the Arsenal thread, and i'm not even an Arsenal fan :lol:, but anyway, i don't think they were fouling on purpose, Shawcross's tackle was a bit silly but he didn't intentionally foul Adebayor, same for Delap, silly? Yes, purposefully fouling, no.

Wenger is just moaning because they didn't get the result that everybody thought they would, just like Fergie did after the Everton game the other week


Mr Lover Man
Apart from Roy Keane, who only did it once, I can't imagine that any professional would intentionally want to injure another player. Letting them know you are there is just part of the game, especially back in Britain.

Wenger seems to always use this after games like this. I'm sure Bolton and Blackburn have heard it all before.