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Submitting news


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I think that you should give the name of the person when someone submits news to the site and you display it on the homepage. For example I submitted the info about WeDoIt v3, but it gives the news under your name...

A little recognition please! ;)


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Forums? Not qiute sure what you mean there....

What I'm saying is that the 'submit news' function on the homepage, where you put in your name and write you news, doesnt actually display you name on the news page, which I think is a little unfair...

But maybe you understood that, and anyway, just a little suggestion..:cool:


The Boss
well no of cause it doesnt because i moderate the submitted news and then post the useful ones myself. you will notice you have creditted for it now so stop whinging... anyway, like pes master says the news about wedoit 3 has is on forums such as evo-webs.


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Sam Erasa

Originally posted by sam erasa
Hitmanuk2k do you know how to tranfer players to club teams in PES2.

Sam, i'm certain that you can't. You can only edit the existing members of a particular club team.

I'm pretty sure that this is right.


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This question has been askd before...and i'm pretty sure that you can't unless you download some Patch for English Premiership teams....and I don't know how to do that.

If you ask soeone thru the "Kits and Badges" forum (on this site) you should get an answer pretty swiftly.