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Summary For Filing A Complaint


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Here's The Deal

Unsatisified with missing PES6 features? Theres is a solution!

Konami have promised to release a patch on Xbox Live if they have enough complaints. They are currently being swamped with complaints, but we need alot more.

To Complain

By Phone: 02089875730 (9am - 10.30pm)

By Email: [email protected]

Online Petition:

Things To Complain About:

Lack Of Editing Mode
No Saved Replay Feature
Slowdown On Xbox Live
Slowdown On Widescreen
No German League/Teams
Too Few Stadiums
No New Features In Master League
Price Considering Has Less Features Than PS2 Version

If you could all complain to at least one of these sources, we will be alot closer to a patch fixing our complaints. What have you go to lose?


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Do you also have a bit of slowdown when someone signs in to xbox live or sends you a message when your playing a game....i now alotof people have...not everyone tough....


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If they fix the editing mode that would be perfect!
New features in ML won't really be implemented.


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I don't get this "slowdown on widescreen" thing. Are you guys talking about selecting "wide camera" mode in the game, or setting your TV in widescreen mode? I play on a Phillips 32" widescreen(not flat) and i don't feel any slowdown.


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I also assume there is no scum to hammer every game you play them:ninja:.

Must we put these contact details in every thread? Seeing as the people who want to know will be looking in most of the threads anyway.

What have you go to lose?
Probably about £80 on phone calls...


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But the 360 version hasn't got beautiful HD graphics, it's a complete let-down. Fifa may suck, but it looks magnificent compared to the 360 version.

Compared to my other games like Oblivion, TD:U and PGR3, it's a smack in the chops.