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Team PESGaming - FIFA 15 Clubs [PS4]


It is happening again
Hopefully it's improved. Just wasnt as enjoying this year.

Well it was exactly the same as the year before, that's probably why. The whole mode needs a revamp. I don't really know what they could do with it though? They need to find a way to make player progression more rewarding, me thinks.


Well it was exactly the same as the year before, that's probably why. The whole mode needs a revamp. I don't really know what they could do with it though? They need to find a way to make player progression more rewarding, me thinks.

They need to make the player progression longer and more customised. Every time is the same, you can't make a single choice that truly impacts your player beyond the initial choice of height and weight. The mode should be closer in feel to a 'football RPG' if you will. I want to be able to create my player the way I see fit not on pre-defined terms that everyone follows.

The pace of the gameplay seems more measured and the goalkeepers/AI seem to have been improved. I think the matches will be more enjoyable however the lack of any new features is all too unsurprising.


Registered User
They should introduce more club tournaments rather than just seasons or cup. Also i think there should be a VP trophy room where you unlock trophys and by unlocking trophys you gets player related stuff (boots, hair styles etc) or clubs stuff (stadiums, balls, crowd chants etc)

They need to make the player progression longer and more customised. Every time is the same, you can't make a single choice that truly impacts your player beyond the initial choice of height and weight. The mode should be closer in feel to a 'football RPG' if you will. I want to be able to create my player the way I see fit not on pre-defined terms that everyone follows.

This, you should be able to create your own player. I shouldn't have to make my player 5ft8 just for him to be able to feel quick.


The Three Amigos
I created a thread over on the FIFA Forums back in June.

If you've got half a day, read through them. Sounds like they've ignored 99% of them :facepalm:

1. "You are no longer synced with the EA servers" - happened far too many times when we're cruising, and has cost us countless Div 1 trophies. Happened to us 5 times in a row last weekend, should have been ironed out a long, long time ago.

2. Cup games merging teams, teammates - Random players appearing on our team from kick off, or in some cases someone else controlling my player whilst I control nobody. Also can find yourself in a game where neither team is your Pro Club - if anybody kicks off and you leave, you'll lose your cup progress. Either that or it'll act like you're still in the latter rounds, then not award you the cup.

3. Lag - sometimes there can be a second or so delay in your player reacting to the button presses, this won't be known until you kick off and at that point it's too late, leaving will give you a DNF and a 3-0 loss. Would like to see the first 5 minute being a window where a team can quit the game and it not count as a DNF UNLESS there has already been a goal in those first 5 minutes.

4. Maximum number of human players on opposition team - In (I think it was FIFA 13, perhaps 12) you were given a kit selection screen and were also told the number of players were on the other side. We need a maximum filter more than the already implemented minimum filter, so stop the 2 vs 6 games which are down right unfair.

5. The majority of players from each side must skip intro - Often we've been dumped into a game vs 5 or more humans (only 2 of us) and they've skipped through the intro and kicked off before we could leave. Make it so the game needs the majority of players from each side (ie 2 on ours, 3 on theirs in this scenario) to skip the intro scenes.

6. Drop cut-scenes all together - I appreciate they're there to make the game seem more realistic (or just to hide console thinking times, perhaps) but I don't need to see the GK place the ball before taking his kick, 10 times a match. You'll often find the other team never skip the cut-scenes, and you're left there pulling your hair out.

7. Set piece takers and captain - EA finally brought this feature to FUT, and it needs to be in Pro Clubs. Let the captain select the free kick, and corner penalty takers as default for the club. Also, the human captain is NEVER captain in the game, always some random AI.

8. Kit selection screen - As mentioned in point 4, let us see what kit the other team choose. So many times we come up against Juventus pink or Porto pink, whilst we play in Palermo pink.

9. Create your club crest, and perhaps even kit - Not essential, but would mix things up a bit.

10. Cup stats to count towards your club record - I see that all stats count on your lifetime record (on the Pro Clubs dashboard) but when you play cup games the stats never seem to carry over to your squad record. I think this has always been the case, but why, I'm not sure?

11. More cup windows - Every other weekend is good for people who can get on at weekends, but mix it up a little, throw a window in midweek every now and then.

12. Edit AI player names, basic appearance - Would be good to see the same names in the same positions every match, not the name of your left winger be your goalie the following match.

13. Insert friendlies into Clubs - Not necessarily vs friends (as I expect this will encourage boosting) but more like single matches in FUT. Will let teams try new formations, tactics etc, or simply just play a game without it having an impact on their normal season.

14. Remove human GKs from drop-in games - Perhaps not as extreme as completely remove them, but 99/100 the human GK will spend half the match in the opposition half, or trying to go on Messi-esque dribbles. Ruins the drop-in feature.

15. If GKs remain in drop-ins, only let GKs choose that position - Often a 76 striker who is beaten to his position will choose GK, and usually leave after 5 seconds.

16. Outside of foot trait - Overpowered as hell, and always has been. It's a difficult technique at the best of times, but to consistently beat GKs from 25 yards with it is very unrealistic. Even when they don't go in, they still always seem to hit the target.

17. Finesse shot trait - Has been nerfed a lot since older editions of FIFA, but perhaps a little too much. Finesse shots will go into row Z, even with the littlest of power applied by the user. IRL, it's probably one of the most sure ways to get a shot on target (not essentially scoring with most attempts). Finesse shots in general (not just to those who have the trait) need to be reworked, as often shots will skew wide by a good 10 yards with absolutely no curl on them.

18. Long free kick trait - A great trait with practice, but the cut-off distance seems too short. Perhaps push it back another 5 or so yards, otherwise the AI will only take it, pass it 5 yards to an opposing player and be hit on the counter.

19. Fancy passes - You used to need to hold a button (L2, I think) with the trait to perform a backheel or some other fancy pass. In FIFA 15 you'll see players attempt them when not asked for, and it'll completely mess up an attack. Was fine the way it was before (ie FIFA 14).

20. Long passes - Players (sometimes even AI) smashing a Scholes-like ball out to the wing from 40 yards, often with the outside of his foot too the running winger (who controls it perfectly) just isn't realistic.

21. Crosses and the AI's defensive headers - Doesn't feel as OP as FIFA 14, but you'll still see some 5'8 forward win a header between 3x 6ft plus AI defenders and usually score. Fix the crosses, and fix the AI.

22. AI defending in general - Does the AI know the offside rule? They'll often try play the offside trap seconds too early, with no sign of a pass. Just all run out of position so the opposing player can walk through for an easy goal. Defenders moving out of the way when ran at with the ball seems to be a regular occurance. There are 4.5 star defenders, doing this almost every game. I wouldn't see this if I played a FUT game, or an exhibition match, so why only on Pro Clubs?

23. Make Pro Clubs feel like any other game mode - I can't be the only one who feels like Clubs plays like an entirely differenct game to the other modes in FIFA, can I?

24. Give GKs red cards when they deserve it - Has an AI GK ever been sent off in Clubs before? I've certainly never seen it! Last man, blatant foul, sometimes already on a yellow yet NEVER a red card. Fix this, and have the game automatically sub off an AI player for the sub GK.

25. Pulling shirts/blocking runs off ball - Would always be pulled up IRL, and I remember when shirt pulling would see fouls and cards in FIFA. AI stepping in front of players making runs off the ball never result in a free kick given, and AI defenders trying to shield a through ball 30 yards away from them is obstruction! Needs to be fixed.

26. Put the I back into AI - Smashing the ball out for throw ins, corners with absolutely no pressure on them is seriously frustrating. 3-0 up, the other team haven't had a look in, yet your AI has zero confidence on the ball and ignores the simple pass down the channel?

27. Ball physics - If I try to hit a ball stupidly hard, odds are it won't fly into the sonisphere, I'll probably completely slice it a mile wide. Even if I did sky it, the trajectory would be nothing like shown in FIFA 15. Also, every blocked shot doesn't result in a corner, EA :wink:

28. AI GKs in general - From watching the ball fly inches past their nose into the goal, with no dive, no reaction, to having a bouncing shot (deflected as described in point 27) go slowly past them when the smallest of effort would see them gather the ball and stop it going out for a corner. Diving out of the way of shots and pea rollers going through their legs. You can't help but feel cheated when your AI lets in the softest goals known to man when the opposition GK is pulling off worldy save after worldy save. Also, how many GKs don't dive for penalties? I'm not saying if they dive the right way, they save it, but they'll at least try guess a direction!

29. Let your player go to the ball - Calling for a pass that happens to be underhit, wouldn't see the receiving player wait in one spot until the ball gets to him (or in most cases, not, as is intercepted). Let the receiving player break free from what feels like cement, and go to the ball.

30. Free kicks - The same free kick, with the same power and curl from the same spot, can give a whole range of outcomes. I appreciate that IRL not every free kick will go where the taker wants, but if I'm applying the same power, technique and timing, I'd expect very similar outcomes. Not one hit the wall, the other fly miles over, and the other go in/saved.

31. Assisted controls - I appreciate this is to assist players who don't want to play fully manual, but if I'm telling my player to shoot far post, and he shoots near post, that's just not right.

32. Losing of attributes/attribute progression - Volleys from outside the box are often hard to come by, so when I get my 3rd out of the 8 I need to earn an attribute, I shouldn't lose it just because the other team quit the game. Now this is nowhere near as bad in the past where you would constantly lose an attribute you locked, sometimes days after, but it's still an issue. Also had games where I've had it pop up that I've completed something, only for it not to update my attributes and lose that unlock (again, a result of the other team quitting).

33. 45th & 90th minute goals - I'm not going to mention a word I know is banned from these parts, but I can't help but feel the game is against us when a team scores deep into added time having not had to work for the goal. Often a defensive error, or a complete lack of defending. I'm all for injury time goals, but they're hardly ever given away easily IRL.

34. 5 minutes added time - Now this may be down to the countless cut-scenes we have to sit through, but unless there's been a major stoppage IRL when would you ever seen 4 or 5 minutes added at the end of the first half? You'll see 2 at most! Remember this is with no substitutions taking place, but you'll usually always see 5 minutes added at the end of the first half, then another 5 at the end of the second!

35. Chipped through balls - I've never really been into balls over the top, as the satisfaction of timing a pass through the smallest of gaps from distance always gives me greater satisfaction. For me, the game is all about angles and timing, big through balls always feels cheap and when the game still has them as overpowered as they are, disappoints me. Needs to be addressed.

36. Introduce a training mode - It's all very well having set pieces, but you'll need somewhere to practice. A training ground mode for your club would be perfect.

37. Drilled short corners - The power generated in these corners is stupidly unrealistic. Needs to be nerfed.

38. Triple tapped, drilled crosses - Usually goes wrong with first time efforts, but hen trying to drill a ball into the box for your forward to get on the end of, it'll do a soft, short cross, as if I only pressed it twice. I'm not pressing the button three times, and one press isn't registering, I'm pressing it 10 times and it behaves like only two registered.

39. Over-running crosses - You're trying to cut the ball back from the by-line, you have a few yards left, yet your player will act like he's over-run the ball and put in a pathetic slide and usually knock the ball out for a goal kick.

40. Base your Pro on a play style. I can understand why EA would stop us having giants who can run like the Road Runner, but IRL you'll have taller, faster players (Ronaldo) and shorter, stronger players (Hazard). Perhaps apply the chemistry card feature from FUT when building the base of your Pro.

41. A variety of difference accomplishments - Feels like a lot of copy and paste from past FIFAs. Also, some of them are ridiculously hard to complete. Volleys from outside the box have a mind of their own, yet you're required to score about 8 of them to improve your volleys? Harsh!

42. Loose balls - 99% of the time a defender will clear a shot from his box, it'll sail 50 yards up to the pitch and land on someone's (usually a teammate) foot. Cleared balls do sometimes just bounce away into space, you know!

43. Easy way to mute players during drop-in - As much as I want to listen to a tinny version of your House Club Hits Volume 7, I would like the option of being able to mute you, as easily and effortlessly as possible.

44. Time out for notorious quitters - Quitting a certain number of games in a row, or during a fixed time period, penalises clubs with a 15 minute time out. Similar to what FPS games do for quitters and team-killers.

45. More time at FT - Give us a little longer to go watch that replay after the FT whistle. By the time you skip past the cut-scenes, look at your points, you have about 10-15 seconds max before you're put straight into the next match.

46. Increase margin of ability for higher starred AI - 2 humans and 9 AI players at 5 star should be able to easily compete against 5 humans and 6 AI players at 3 stars, but it just doesn't work. No matter how good your 5 human players are, I should be confident that our 5 star AI players can do a job against them, but they just can't. Be it down to the exploits available to players, or just down right awful AI decisions, you'll usually lose by a landslide.

47. Pace comparisons - If I'm trying to catch a player running the ball, with my speed, acceleration etc maxed out, should he be able to out-run me? Bear in mind he'll have to touch the ball every few yards. Too often I'll see a player (sometimes even AI) out-run me - just doesn't make any sense!

48. Remove Park the Bus - Now this is only on the condition the AI shortcomings are addressed. The only reason we'll ever play Park the Bus is if our AI are playing silly buggers. I'd rather they act fools with more players around them, than on the half way line with 50 yards of open space for the opposing player to then run into and inevitably score. Perhaps have it as a last 10 minute feature if your team is trying to protect a favourable score.

49. Keep colour indicators the same from game to game - Ok, so I'm yellow this match. Oh, next match I'm red, then blue. Keep the colours the same through each sitting!

50. Lower the level for catalogue items - The number of times I've been asked for the bicycle kick trait is over 9,000! Also the high socks is probably unreachable for anybody with a social life!

51. Advantages and playing on - has this been scrapped since FIFA 14? If the ball moves a millimetre from where the foul was comitted, you don't get to take it quickly. If a player is fouled as he hits a shot (or usually cross) the ref will happily see if the other team scores before pulling it back, however just played a game where player trying to get onto through-ball was clearly offside, our GK came out and punted it out for a throw-in but play wasn't pulled back.

52) Throw ins - Why am I, as a forward, always running half way across the pitch to take a throw in? Is that not for the full backs or wingers? Also, AI taking throw ins in their own half appear to love a suicidal, long-throw! Quite often into their own area!

53) Calling for the ball off goal kicks - Every FIFA up until now, the GK has tried to (where possible) aim for a forward calling for the ball. We drift out to the wing and ask for it, but nah, the GK would rather smash it into open space to pass over possession.

54) Jumping for headers - The AI loves to misjudge headers, taking a few steps forward a second before the ball has dropped to heading level. Sometimes, he won't even jump! Also, if I'm pressing a button to try win a header, why is my player refusing to jump?

55) Overhit throughballs - Literally tapping the throughball button, couldn't possibly press it any gentler, flies through to the GK! The ball isn't bobbling, the pass isn't made on the stretch and I'm not in full sprint. It's at my feet, I'm slowly dribbling yet it acts like I held the button down for three seconds!

56) Defending set pieces - If I move my player 30 yards during the skippable cut-scene, he shouldn't re-position if the other team finally skip. Especially not if I've had to sprint there and lose some of my bar (which is never added back).

57) Stamina - I've got one third a bar, plenty of blue, pull up injured. Someone on other team has 10% bar, sprinting whilst in the red, doesn't pull up. WTF?


Agreed with the above comments, regarding building your VP's characteristics and skill set. The one that annoys me the most is that you have to be a CAM, if you want your player to be good at free-kicks.