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The manager AI is utterly RETARDED !


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Obviously , I'm talking about Become A Legend because otherwise I'd be the manager .

Simply put , what the buck is wrong with the manager AI ?! I'm currently at Man United with a registered position of a Second Striker in addition to LW , RW , CF , and AMF . It NEVER changes the formation , EVER ! I'm always put in AMF , Depay is CF , Januzaj is LMF , and some TERRIBLE guy who got transferred lately with a LMF rating of bucking 58 is ALWAYS LMF !! We got Rooney , Young , Mata , Fellaini , and Shaw on the bench the ENTIRE SEASON !! And furthermore , Unless I score a goal or make an assist before the 70 minutes mark , it will ALWAYS take me out instead of other players who are even more tired and less capable no matter how many chances I make or shots I perform ! That's utter nonsense , man !

And while we're at it , what the flipping flip is wrong with the transfers ?! Ronaldo and Pogba go to PSG , Robben goes to Chelsea , Casillas goes to Porto , Bale goes Barcelona , and other ridiculous transfers . I know that players strongly associated with certain teams can transfer to other teams but that's a once every blue moon thing ! That's why I used to choose "low" for transfer rate in the previous yet they somehow thought it's a good idea to remove that .


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Never mind , I got that one wrong . But my point still stands . There was a time when freaking Rooney went to Man City ! Freaking. Man. City !! What's next ? Ronaldo goes to Barcelona and Messi goes to Madrid ? Or maybe Maradona signs to train the freaking Brazillian national team ?!

The Dude

His Dudeness
Pes has ALWAYS been like that with transfers. Thats why i wish they would bring back transfer frequency. You could set to low, normal, or high. Also turn off first transfer window. Would make it better but they wont.


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I actually enjoy the transfer madness of PES :D It's funny when you go to play against some team in UCL and suddenly there is a "weird" player there XD Reus goes to Barcelona in very ML I do :p