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The 'Off Topic' football thread


Tried to find markets for it but seems as if most bookies caught on and removed it! Finished 1-0 anyway.

Just won £200 on the City game. Placed £50 on both teams NOT to score in the 1st half which would have won me £9.90 plus my stake. Then bet £50 as soon as the match kicked off that both teams WOULD score in the 1st half at 5/1 where your stake would be returned if didn't win :cool2:

Yeah, that 1-0 score fucked a lot of people. not really the result one would expect.

Good idea on that bet, be sure to use those £200 well!


Oh to be a student again :sweey:

You're up already, certainly better than me (me? I? what's the right pronoun?).

Or maybe you never went to bed... :hmm:

And another "juststudentthings", just had an exam starting at 8am. Why the fuck?


Back on topic. Stuff from yesterday's Switzerland x France. It would honestly be a good idea to make shirts easily rippable, no chance of getting away with pulls like these. Not as cool when it happens to the ball.
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There are more pics, but this one sums it up quite nicely. No idea if the stats are accurate.

As seen here


It is happening again
Didn't score against us while he was at Atl Madrid either.

By the time we reach the PL again, he'll have long retired. Hard luck, Sergio. :sweey5:


These awards are so fucking stupid... how can you tell who's the best between a goalkeeper or a winger? Between a centre back or a full back? It's sad really.

And know they had to split them again so the shitfest is twice as big.