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The PES 2019 Request Thread


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Want to request something related to editing PES 2018? You can post it here, and maybe someone will help fulfill your request! Well, there is no guarantee that anyone will complete your request, but at least it should save you from asking in many threads (which sometimes can probably annoy them). Don't forget to include pictures in your request post to help the editors and maybe increase the chance of getting your request accepted (It makes the request more noticeable, really).

Happy editing!


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Can someone make for me the Maccabi Tel Aviv kits for PS4?

I, of course, will provide right now pictures of the kits, as well as the sponsors (if you can't find them).



Shirt – Front:

Sleeve sponsor (On both sleeves, and on all kits. Image of the logo added below):

Shirt – Back:

Shorts – Front:

There is pretty much nothing at their back; just this ribbon, without the text or background (you can see its size and location in the "front" pic) –

Socks – Front:

Socks – Back: Blank (just yellow).

Captain's Armband:

Away kit:

Shirt – Front:

Shirt – Back:

Pants – Front:

Pants – Back: look at number 22 in this picture –

Socks – Front:

Socks – Back: blank.

Third kit:

Shirt – Front:

Shirt – Back (I hope you'll be able to figure out enough out of this):

Shorts – Front:
Same as the home shorts, but white. If you need a picture for reference (it's missing a sponsor):

Shorts – Back:
I found nothing, but it's the same as the home shorts, but white.

Socks – Front:

(Both socks are the same)

Socks – Back:

Captain's Armband: same as home kit.


Shirt – Front:

Shirt – Back:
Sorry, I could not find a satisfactory picture of the shirt's back. There are the same "Hisense" (in white) and "NIVEA Men" sponsors there.

Shorts – Front + Back (I believe this picture provides all needed information for the shorts):

Front: "MTA" (like in the other socks) in white; Back: plain black.


PenguinPickUp (main sponsor):

Smaller picture:

Pizza Prego (sleeve sponsor):

*This is the best I could manage; the company uses a different logo for anything but this kit. You will have to photoshop out the yellow background.

Hisense (back of shirt sponsor):

Nivea Men (back of shirt sponsor):

B.S.R Group (shorts):

Pictures and albums that might come in handy: – an article about this year's kit. Contains closeups on the home kit, so the "Respect All, Fear None" writing at the back is seen, for example. – Gallery from the Europa League qualifiers game against Ferencvárosi TC; Home kit. – Gallery from the Israeli league game against Hapoel Be'er Sheva; Away kit. – Gallery from a preseason friendly against APOEL FC; Third kit.

*Maccabi Tel Aviv manufacture their own kits, hence the "MTA" where the "Adidas"/"Nike" logos usually are. That "MTA" is not a logo, and therefore it is not to be found anywhere around the internet. You will probably have to crop it from a photo (a picture of it up close is in the first attached link).
*The "Respect All, Fear None" writing appears at the back of all shirts. It is blue for the home kit; golden for the away kit; blue for the third kit; and white for the GK kit. It will probably be best that the writing, too, will be cropped from a photo (a picture of it up close is in the first attached link).

If you'd decide to help me, and would have any questions about the pictures (asking for more/clearer/etc.), please contact me.

Thank you very much in advance!


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If somebody who knows how to make faces could recreate Ze Roberto, Totti, Kuyt, Novakovic (some of the players we lost in this PES) that would be awesome.


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Swedish League - Allsvenskan

Hey everyone!

I would like to ask the pro editors in the community, if its possible to get the swedish Allsvenskan league in the near future. Or at least the Top 5 teams.

I always enjoyed editing, but as i'm pretty busy nowadays, i won't have time to edit much.

Malmö FF is the only swedish team in the game, and its a shame.

Would be great to at least see a thread on that league here on the forum.


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Italian Serie B

Any patches out yet that contain a full Serie B? Hoping to start a master league and start out in the 2nd division.


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Man utd away 92 kit needed

Hi does anyone have the blue addidas signs man utd away kit 1992 only one I need to complete the set thanks


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Thank you George!

He makes great kits!
Is anyone making the teams though, with players etc?
I started making some myself. Have Aris, PAS and Astera complete so far.


Hello friend! I'm greek too.. I have a friend who makes greek Superleague
I send you the link..

Choose Superleague Souroti kit pack Version 1.0
There are 9 teams
Aris, AEK, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK, PAS Giannina, OFI, Asteras Tripolis and Atromitos
The other will be in the next days

Duck No.99

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Hello community,

can somebody tell me if I can find the kits of Rosenborg somewhere?

Or can somebody create them for me?

Any support and news are appreciated.