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The Player Form Arrows Explained! Finally!


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In just think red up is the player in very good mood

Orange diagonal up is good mood

green right is normal mood

blud diagonal down is bad mood

and grey down is in very bad mood


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When you are picking up players in a match, does the stat reflect the decrease or increase in the stats according to the form of the player?

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I'm hoping for a total revamp in player attributes/condition for PES10, there is too much going on now - it can be simplified and made much easier than the current situation.

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Best explanation

Red Arrow - Extremely Good Condition, normal abilities are increased

Yellow Arrow - Good Condition, normal abilities are increased, but the factor is less than the red arrow

Green Arrow - Normal Condition, abilities are not affected

Blue Arrow - Poor Condition, abilities are slightly worsened

Grey Arrow - Terrible Condition, abilities are worsened


Stamina bar above 50% - Nothing is affected

Stamina bar below 50% - Abilities like speed, response and jump are worsened depending on how little stamina there is

Stamina bar below 20% - Not good at all! Said abilities are even more worsened

Thanks for posting this, this is the best info in the 30+ page in this thread...


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wow, i can't believe this post started 6 years ago!

but it is good to know this info. thanks


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Good to know this... Never payed attention to see if the stats were decreased when the arrow was pointing down, but surely noticed that the player performance is not the best. Now I know exactly what happens... Thanks!


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somewhere(in pes 09 manual) i read this:
red arrow=+12% of that ability,to every abilty ( speed is 93, 0,12x93=11.16(11)and new(when player is red) top speed is 93+11=104)
orange arrow=+9 or 6%(not sure about this one)
green arrow=normal
blue arrow=-9 or 6%(not sure about this one 2)
grey arrow=-12%