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The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Pack

The Wolf

Registered User
Uploaded to FileFront for verificaton. Links will appear below when available for download:

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 1;

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 2;

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 3;

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 4;

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 5;

The Wolf Final (4.0) PES3 PC Patch - Part 6;

The Wolf Final (4.0) WE7I PC Option File (Included In full pack);

The Wolf Final (4.0) WE7I & PES3 Collar Fix Files;


- Correct player/team names (and call names where available).
- All 3 pes3.exe files (1.0, 1.10.2 & 1.30.1) with collar fix & goalkeeper number color fix built in.
- Transfers updated to July 5th 2004 (over 600 new players created from CM4 stats).
- Correct national rosters and starting formations for EURO 2004 teams.
- USA squad updated with new players created (Wolff, Mathis, etc.).
- Red Nike Geo Merlin ball (by Vio).
- Updated stadiums:
San Siro 1.1 - Inter Milan (day) & AC Milan (Night) (by Ghost-Face).
Nou Camp (by Ghost-Face).
Highbury (by (CrazyAxel).
Stamford Bridge.
Old Trafford.
Amsterdam Arena.
Anfield (by Ghostface).
Stadio Olimpico (by Ghostface).
Delle Alpi (by Ghostface).
- All club, national and referee uniforms included.
- All Spark uniform updates to July 10th 2004.
- New .dat file with collar/number/goalkeeper number color fix to apply to any pes3.exe version.
- New Nike/Puma/Adidas & EPL numbers for uniforms and correctly applied (by kEL/Spark).
- Shoe pack 1.3 with 9 awesome shoes (by Yogui).
- Adboards mix (by Spark).
- Teams amended from original game:
Bordeaux -> Leicester City
Lens -> Bolton Wanderers
Hamburg -> Partizan Belgrade
Hertha Berlin -> AEK Athens
Bologna -> Wolverhampton Wanderers
Brescia -> Norwich City
Perugia -> VfB Stuttgart
Udinese -> Club Brugge
Spartak Moscow -> Charlton Athletic
Real Betis -> Portsmouth
Fenerbahce -> Besiktas
PES United -> Southampton
WE United -> Middlesbrough
Chievo -> Birmingham City
- Correct flags for all teams.
- Over 30 different types of goalkeeper gloves.
- Champions League entry music.
- "We Are The Champions" (by Queen) victory music.
- "Beautiful Day" (by U2) replay music.

The Wolf
July 11th 2004


Registered User
file front download servers aren't working, is there any other websites to download this file from, Wolfs website isn't working either


Registered User
good do you install? i downloaded a previous wolf patch which had instructions and was fine but cant remember what i need to do

Thanks Michael


Registered User
Hi, thnx for support us :D but i don't have the queen music at the end of a game..

victory music.



New Member
Hi all....can someone tell me why i can't download any of these file?...i've signed up on filefront and when it says select a server nothing happens...nothing at all...any ideas?


Registered User
no sorry mate, i downloaded them all sucessfully last night and installed them all the patches are great wolf! Great work`!!!!!!!


New Member
Hello! First of all, my english is quite bad, so I hope you understand, what my problem is....

When I go to Challenge Training and select for example Free Kicks, my game crashes and it goes back to desktop. It worked before I installed Wolf's newest patch. Thanks for advice :)


New Member
club team name

sorry i just apply the patch but the club team names are not change mancherter is still Trad brick :( how cant i get all the right names im a newb in those forum cant someone help


The Spikiest maracca
has anyone got a direct link so we can just click the link and it will start to download because when i clcik a server to download from, nothing happens.


Registered User
spikeymaracca said:
has anyone got a direct link so we can just click the link and it will start to download because when i clcik a server to download from, nothing happens.

yep same here nothing happens when trying to download from filefront
im not very happy whats the problem n e 1?


Registered User
hey guys n galls.
wicked site for a wicked game and tha wolf patches look amazing but i have newbie questions.
do i need to rip my dvd to a cd fpr pc patching?
when i try to to add the wolf afs files using afs explorer 2 which pes3.exe do i use? the one included in the wolf pack or the original?
when i load the orginal afs.dat from the installed game i get an overlapping error, should this be ignored?
when i ve imported the wolf afs files do ihave to save my changes at all?
ive looked at the patching tutorials and after loosing 7 ML seasons im a little stuck, so please please help me.
swfc fan


New Member
spikeymaracca said:
has anyone got a direct link so we can just click the link and it will start to download because when i clcik a server to download from, nothing happens.

I have same problem :confused:


Registered User
i was having a problem downloading from file front but when i turned off all my pop-up blockers it work fine i reccommened giving that a try.


Registered User

Why I extract file...

It not OK. It want


tell me plese!
Thank a lot.