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Things i don't like in pes 2011 ML


New Member
So this is my first post on this forum.Have been playing pes for a long time on and off.Major chunk of that time was with pes 5 and 6.

played pes 4,5,6 , 2010 2011(current)

So first up i would say pes is a incredible game.I especially love the Masters league part.

While playing pes 2011 masters league, there were certain gliches i found.First up diagonal shooting seems to be a problem, when i press up arrow and right arrow simultaneously and try to shoot nothing happens,which is frustrating(no keyboard diagonal shooting).This is a major bug for keyboard users!!

Going into Masters League i would say the negotiation system should be improved.There should be some cutscene for negotiations(would love that) and we should be able to see the interest level once we offered a negotiation.We should also be able to see what amount would the player/club wish or what are his specific demands or wishes if we want to buy him.

One cool feature is letting the scout negotiate for you, but what i hate about it is he does not even ask you if you like it or not.I mean the final say should be with us to reject or accept it.I think it makes sense he gets so offers on his own for us,but he does not decide everything himself.

Selling the players is very tough, i feel once a team has won league or cup ,other teams should be more open to buying its players.Also the players we put on transfer should be able to come to us if they like a particular club and wanna join players should come back in future release...hopefully it has.The weather should also be there, i love playing in snowfall, rainy season.Hopefully they get it back.

Personally with master league i would love to have high intensity negotiations going on with lot of buying and selling happening.There should be no problem in selling a player! Also while renewing the contracts i fail to understand why renegotiating cause player to hold talks(you can't do anything).This frustrating, there should be option to put the previous offer back if the player does not like the new contract.There should be a way to make him happy, especially when he had no issues upfront before negotiation.

Love to hear comments on it!:):):):):):)