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This joke need to stop, Konami, are you hearing?


New Member
I am a 13 year PES player. I have been playing PES since the very first game ever and this is the first time I had to go online to vent.
I am an offline player and the experience was always awesome. But recently I study abroad in the US so I have to play online for the last couple of years.
This PES 14 is the biggest joke that Konami ever produces regarding online experience.
The offline gameplay is still awesome. However, maybe the developers get tired of inventing all the new shit that they say, fuck it Im done, when it comes to online play. The slow and delayed response of the player online make the defense a bunch of kid fumbling the ball. You would hit yourself multiple times after seeing how the GK and CB fumbling the ball into the goal.
Above all, the biggest joke is the rating system. I am now rated "B" in courtesy even though I never quit or lagged out of a match, it's because of all those losers that lag out of the match when they loses. And it happens to me every fucking day, tonight after 20 unfinished matches in a row, I decided to find a forum where Konami can hear it and voice my opinion.
You guys are losing a very faithful PES fan. I might buy FIFA for the first time ever just to play online and come back to PES just for the offline.
KONAMI, are you listening????
P/s: to those fucking loser who cheat out of the match to save your pathetic rating, a big FUCK YOU if you happen to see this post.


Registered User
the game was released unfinished unplayable and konami new it they just wanted the cash so released it when fifa came out and for us to wait 2 months for a patch they new was needed thats why they refused to even aknowledge the faults for 2 weeks adam bhatti saying give it time. LMFAO how can you give it time when theres button delay , cursor switching to wrong people GKs turn to side and palm shots in ,players freezing in the box ,passes going astray this is even offline

certain pes staff need to go this is a major issue or they all in on it