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tim howard


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usa national team! but he's a bit off of what he should be! you should get him a star at penalties, and put up his jump to 89, his defense to 89, and his goalkeeper skils to 88, then, you have tim howard, instead of someone with his name but no stats to match him!!! hope it helped!! Cheers


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is there any way of getting howard to man u as i can only find him in the usa team

asher b

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you have to unlock the transfer facility in the pes shop. then you can do it through the register player option.


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I love Howard and as a Gooner it pains me to say so.. but his abilties I made

GK SKill:94



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djdavedoc said:
Well Done Adamsy!!!
danke shon...:) really I belive that Timmy has the ability to become one of the top 5 keepers in the world. His ability to judge and track the ball is fucking amazing. One day the USA will produce good outfield players.


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Defence 88
Response 92
Agility 90
Speed 82
Acceleration 87
Keeper Skill 92
Consistency 7
Fitness 7

Howard is a very decent goalkeeper. He looks as if he has great technique, handling and positioning. He has been so consistent this season and if he maintains it, he will be one of the top rated stoppers in the world before long.


lol at adamsy!! not so sure about outfield players!!! not unless part of football becomes handball!! they only produce good baseball and basketball players coz thats their sports!!


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djdavedoc said:
lol at adamsy!! not so sure about outfield players!!! not unless part of football becomes handball!! they only produce good baseball and basketball players coz thats their sports!!
2 words Claudio Reyna

Dario Silva

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Howard has got the ability to become a great keeper, every keeper since Schmeichel Has had a extremely tough comparason considering that undoubtidly "The great dane" was probably one of the best goalkeepers of all time tim has just got to keep his football going and well mayb.............


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The reason we're not producing many great outfield players yet is because most of our players go play for a university and waste their best development years (18 to 23) getting crap instruction, rather than getting the training they need in a professional club system, preferably a foreign one.

Things are changing though, there are two young Americans in the Arsenal reserve squad (Karbassiyoon and Simek) and I know Manchester United's youth teams are chock full of Yankees. English clubs are starting to realize we have a lot of untapped talent here and they're getting our best young players before their development is put off track during their university years. My generation (I'm 18) is really the one that is starting to go abroad for better training, two guys from my U18 club side are now playing in the regional leagues in Germany (the third division, I think), one is with Atletico Madrid's B team, one at Atlas in Mexico, and a few of us earned trials with Defensor in Uruguay. A few of us may end up earning a living in the game and there were a dozen or so better teams than us in the country, that's how good the young players are here.

Latin countries are scouting heavily in California, Arizona, and Texas, where a high % of the best players speak Spanish and play a very Latin style. In the future, with immigration continuing like it is, you could realistically be seeing many USA internationals playing in Spain and the national team showing a heavy Latin influence.

If you still don't think the USA has any good outfield prospects, I have just one name for you, the future of American (and world?) soccer: Freddy Adu. There isn't one player under the age of 18 the biggest clubs in Europe want more. If he's not considered among the best in the world in 5 years I will be shocked.


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About time somone got some updated stats for Timmy, ive asked about twice round here, ages ago,

Thanks Anywayz


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Name: Tim Howard

Positions: GK

Nationality: American
Age: (06/03/1979)

Height: 191 cm
Weight: 88 kg

Foot: R
Side: B

Attack: 36
Defence: 95
Balance: 93
Stamina: 75
Top Speed: 87
Acceleration: 87
Response: 97
Agility: 90
Dribble Accuracy: 61
Dribble Speed: 63
Short Pass Accuracy: 66
Short Pass Speed: 64
Long Pass Accuracy: 67
Long Pass Speed: 69
Shot Accuracy: 49
Shot Power: 85
Shot Technique: 48
Free Kick Accuracy: 48
Curling: 55
Header: 66
Jump: 85
Technique: 59
Aggression: 63
Mentality: 86
Keeper Skills: 94
Teamwork: 85

Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 5
Weak Foot Frequency: 5

* Penalty Stopper