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Torres the best of all pes strikers


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Even though torres may have a really sucky rating( peak 89) he is by far the best striker in the game. The skill cards and the cards he already possesses make him invaluable. though Aguero, Benzema, balotelli, Pato all surpass his rating and reach 100, they cannot score a quick awesome goal the way torres does( trust me , i have played with all these players at their peaks). I bought torres again at a bargain from Liverpool at 41 million dollars at a rating of 86. But the guy has plummeted everton (my team) from a europa league third round knockout team to a uefa league winner in top player. In his second season( not yet over) he has scored a massive 31 goals and has 5 assists to his name. :shocking: the guy is old but is the GOLDEN BOY!!!!

So what is your opinion????


4 me SAZI still the best player in my ML. 8 european winner..even in season 2029-2030, 33 years old. still fast. now ETO n C.Ronaldo take his place. after substitute he with C.Ronaldo(age 19) at last 20 minute. he still can scored. European Winner now get by ETO.


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yeah he looks really cool. I have had him for four to five seasons and his attacking partner is Aguero. I now Aguero is faster and all but Torres still manages to get in better positions and score more than him:shocking: This with Aguero being 12 rating higher than him! Now Torres is 31 for me, and has scored over 100 goals for my club. He has changed Everton to what it is right now. He Is taller and can head the ball really well. He is nw pretty old but i wl never sell him. What a bargain i got him for only 40 million pounds. Liverpool will be kicking themselves right nw....:lol:


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I feel you. Though, I can't play Torres without Liverpool since he is just a symbol for me as a Liverpool fan. I have played around 15 times ML games, around 5 of them are liverpool, over and over again, mostly because of Gerrard + Torres, which were such an wonderful combination and was so much fun to play. Torres feels to me like the best striker I have ever played, truly amazing. I remember how I put him as an lonely striker, just the way I love him, and buy average players in the other positions, and only thing I need to do is pass him the ball in some chances and it's a goal. I fucking love this guy in this game. :p I also had aguero in Liverpool and I didn't like him at all, and he wasn't as good to be honest...

Joey Tribbiani

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In 2 seasons for me he must have scored 90 goals.

This season he has got 49 in 48 for me plus about 12 assists. Benzema has 45 this season for me also, with about 19 assists.

His one-on-one finishing is the best in the game, in my opinion.

If he were stronger, he'd be an absolute machine.


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yeah, i play in top player, with aguero as torres' partner. What a lethal combination!! And even though Aguero is there, Torres seems to score all the time!!! 5 seasons at everton ,and all 5 times he has won the Best player in all competitions, and the Ballon D Or 5 times!! The guy is awesome!! he is 32 for me nw, but his goal scoring is just the same and his rating is still 85!!


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Try Maierhofer. Tall, strong balance, and fast. Can score from everywhere. I played him since 16 years old, and almost every year become European Best Footballer.


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Gotta disagree there. For me the daddy of them all is.....Juan Mata.

He's a SS not a CF, but rocks all the same.