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[TUTORIAL] PES 2011 Face Formula in PES 2012


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(Will be moved to PES 2012 Section when it's created)

Some of you may tested the PES 2011 Formulas for Faces in the PES 2012 Demo (where you can change your Avatar!)

There were done some little Changes, but here is the solution to make the Faces look like in PES 2011.

You may recognized in PES 2011 there are some points were the Value is (for example) -3 but you have to go up to +3. Now it has to be +3.

Here are Examples in all Values where this works!
First is PES 2011 Value, Last is PES 2012 Value ;)
Changes are bold!

JawBoneShape (?): (-1/-4) (-1/4)

Bridge of the Nose (?): (3/-3) (3/3)

Mouth Deep(?): (-3/-2) (-3/2)
Upper Lip: (6/-1) (-6/-1)
Under Lip: (-3/3) (3/3)

Maybe someone can give the right Translations for the Sections :)

Link to the Converter:
PES 2012 Face Converter by Cristiano92

Face Previews:
Werner (FCA) PES 2012

PES 2011

Götze (BVB) PES 2012

PES 2011
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I cannot understand why you showing pes 2011 picture and 2012 one, what's the difference?


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Because the Face Creator now works different!

Here are posts from people saying this:

its really sad to say but its NOT like last year, we got the same structures as it seems but the results are damn different. i tried out the formulas of viggan's götze and boru's lucas barrios with the avatar creator and they look like somebody, but not like götze or barrios
all the gifted face-makers which made so much great jobs have to do it all over and over again... thats exhausting

Sadly yes I tried one of the face formulas posted here and the end result looks nohting like it does in 2011. Meaning all these faces for 2012 are completely useless.


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Nice one mate, now I´m relieved. I was really shocked when I read: Same layout, different results. I thought like wtf Konami, what are you thinking??:shocking:
But if it´s only those few points, it should be peanuts to convert the faces to 2012. Might as well start adding 2012 versions to my faces right now.



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Cristiano, thank so much for these informations. I´m relieved about the edit faces in 2012.


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No problem guys :)
I was really scared by when reading that all the faces have do be done again, so I had a look myself :)


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Cristiano help me here. just to get it straight. if i want to convert the formula from 2011 to 2012 i have to do this.

Jaw bone shape, bridge of nose and Mouth Depth 2nd numbers should go from negative to positive or the other way around.

Upper lip and Lower Lip 1st numbers should go from negative to positive or the other way around.

So in this build the bold numbers should become negative/positive is that right?

Kevin Trapp (Kaiserslautern) by Meat

Hair: Kim Dong Jin (South Korea NT)
Base: 1, 7, 1, -1, (3,4), -1, +1, 0, +7, 2, (-3,-3), -4
Brows: 2, 1, 1, -2, +5, -3, +7, -2, 4, (7,4,2)
Eyes: 6, 10, +3, -5, -3, -1, (-5,3), +2, -4, -2, -1, (3,-4), Bright, 2
Ears: +1, (2,-5)
Nose: (1,7), (2,1), +2, +3, (-7,1), -4
Mouth: 6, -1, +1, (2,-2), (-3,0), (3,1), +2
Jaw: -1, +2, -2
Beard: 24, 1, (14,10,7)

Physique: -2, +6, +1, +2, +2, +2, 0, 0, 0, -1

If you don't know what I mean. I have posted the 2012 version of this face in the BuLi thread with a link to the old 2011 post. just tell me if i converted it correctly then I know i'm right.