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Tutorial to Transfer 'Option Files' with USB stick!


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i have this problem for atleast two days!

Couple of weaks ago i load daymos OF and it was perfect working.
But yesterday i made some stupid steps ( prequel data ) and i lost some strips and logos...
So now i am trying to do this from the beggining but here are my problems.

When i configured my usb and copy some files on it everything is working.
But then i try to load files from OF and after this step, when i put usb to the xbox it says "unconfigured"

Some of you guys can help ?

OK I got it.
It was problem with xtaf..
Generaly, what i can say is, that if you configure your USB and copy some files on it, and after action with xtaf your USB is unconfigured, propably is the problem with the program.

Try new version or something..


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why it wont recognize my title update on USB???Some OF i transfer sucssesful and title update and DLC also,now it is on USB but when i run game it say ver.1.01 and data pack 1.00 few weeks ago it was data pack 2.0.Why is that,how to fix that problem?USB works perfect,i try also to configure few tumes and again same problem,all dlc and OF transfer ok but when run game like i say no data pack,when input USB again on PC data pack dont EXIST,like hes been ERASE...what should i do,please help any1 !!


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Its 2gb mate.
Not sure if you're talking to me, but yeah, mine is a 4GB USB stick and it was formatted with the Xbox 360 and stated that it "met recommendations" as it does on the Xbox 360. As I say I can copy files over to the USB from my Xbox hard drive while on the Xbox 360 perfectly fine - however when I unplug the USB and insert it into the laptop those Xbox files don't appear and aren't visible

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can anyone point me in the direction of a similiar page but for the PS3???

im stuck on how to put an OF onto my bros PS3..


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Why is it not possible to copy all the Files with Xtaf Gui from the OF to my USB Stick?
The Program crashes at Uniform File 196.
I`ll copy one by one, but everytime the same mistake!
What must i do to copy all Files (516) to the USB Stick?
Xtaf not really works.
Please help, thanks


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I`ve use now Modio to transfer the OF to my USB Stick. but there is the same proplem. By Uniform file 196 stop the transfer and there is no way to transfer the other Files.
How get your Guys the complete OF to your USB Stick?
Have anybody a answer?


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guys i know it might be sucky but if u want the whole thing first inject the whole folder and if it stops on 196 or watever then manually do it by opening the 0000001 folder or watever and drag dropping them into the box. YOU CAN ONLY DO 1 AT A TIME THO.

Please some1 put this at time of main thread.


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hey guys been farting about with this for a couple of days how long should it take to import dragonfly file using USBXTAFGUI_v44 mines as been saying no responding for last 35 mins im i better to use USBXTAFGUI_v32BETA2 cheers ps heart of midlothian europa league winners 2011-12