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Ugliest players on pes4


Registered User
alright people sorry if this has already been done b4 but just like to no, who do all of you's think is the ugliest player on pes4 or even in real life mine is luke chadwick k later people.


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Weitd thread, isnt it about a player's qualities that you should judge him?
But whatever :rolleyes: , Wayne Rooney is the ugliest, or C.Ronaldo.
Cassano and Ronaldinho are runners-up.
But I'm sure i overlooked some


Registered User
Maldini? I dont agree with him. The rest of the list is not to be argued with though,not sure about Reyes


the game - without a doubt Bowyer.....a scary sight it should be x-rated....
real life - Earnshaw, Kanu - this is the ugliest partnership the football world has ever seen.....
who calls it the 'beautiful game' ;) :D


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i rekin that henry looks like he is very high off some kind of substance anybody else rekin a player has been created while the maker has been high.


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:DYves Makalamby..(hes the wrong skin colour!)
No way C.Rona looks like himself...and most oif d girls i know that watch footie are like labelling him "hot"
Maldini-looks like a stalker/phaedophile type
Ronaldinho-he got a cheeky smile but his hair make him look stupid
Ibrahimovic-c'mon man the blokes looks like hes gonna say "i have come to clean zee pool"


Prince of Voetbal
Bowyer looks like Frankenstein (spelling), the green big bloke that created by a scientist.