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villa on steroids?


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i've just finished my third season as a CF for real madrid..and i was the top scorer with 45 goals..just BARELY! - Villa came in second with 40 FREAKING GOALS!?!..40?..what the hell was he doing?!

..normally, the top scorer scores around 25 goals a season, and even that's pretty impressive..when my stats get up to a solid level, i manage to score an unrealistic amount of goals, i'm talking hat-tricks and even 4,5 goals in a game or two..and scoring 40 times in a single season is a pretty solid result, even for me..that's why villa's ''goal poaching'' season seems so bizarre..

..i know villa is good, in fact, i consider him one of, if not the best footballer of our time, but still..

do other players score as many goals in your BAL games to? or is this really a rare phenomenon?..the only explanation i have, is the Valencia CF line-up, which forces the single CF (apparently villa) way infront of other players, basically ''forcing'' him to finish their every attack..but it's still pretty unbelievable


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That has not changed a bit since PES 09, Konami gave him unhuman abilities to score.


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yea, i know he's got amazing stats..but so do others (especialy after 2 seasons)..and never before has anyone scored that many goals, not even villa...and i've played quite a few BAL seasons..


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Villa is the worst glitch in BAL. It happens even in my BAL. It's just so annoying and unrealistic.


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what i found funny was i played for valencia and replaced villa and then when i left he ended up 2nd to scorer in the league he had about 4 goals then in the winter window i left and he had about 25 or more goals by the end.


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Villa isn't that amazing on my BAL (still getting 20 a season)., Aguero however is awesome (30+ goals a season!)


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yep i experience that too. its the same issue with team ranking. I ur team wins every match, another team is likely to do the same.


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Aside from once, David Villa has actually never been that brilliant for me. He's been good, but we're talking 15-20 goals a season, which would be more in the normal realm.

I guess Villa is just reliable, just like he is in real life.

Much like Cavenaghi of Bordeaux, who always, always tops the goal scoring list in France (in the game).


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Don't Play on so low level play at higher level then.
if you play at easy theres no point scorin about 200 goals in 50 games whats the point?

i also say this i play at hardest difficultly and the CPU does alots of goals

as example i do in end season 50 goals the CPU does 40-60 so that the game stats get even little bit and not that you dominate everytime thats normal CPU going normal game modding.

and in my game theres alots of Goal Scorers

T.Henry, L.Messi, D.Villa, Torres, S.Eto, D.Milito, Totti, C.Ronaldo ( probably the meanest son of a b*tch there is in hardest Difficultly )

all those do about 30-60 goals every season, i myself do about 20-70 goals on season depending on how i play

usually my stats are in end of season 30 goals with 30 assists since i play on Inter i play alot with D.Milito hes the one in our league usually winning the goal rank place #1 since i usually pass the ball and ain't a hog who runs and hunts goals, since in harder difficulties you get injured lets say superb fast and that means sitting out from games, meaning also that you must pass the ball and not go on by just yourself so what im saying is dont play on starting difficultly its sucky i reccomend to put the hardest Difficultly there is in start of the game and then play, its like playing really the game you dont get bored
you might not be super goal scorer or not the best of all time but it feels like nice since you lose games and theyre really though since they might end just 2-1 its like watching real football game from TV or even just like youre on field just saying ;P


..i know villa is good, in fact, i consider him one of, if not the best footballer of our time, but still..

That says more about you, than Villa to be honest. He is good, but he is one of many behind the spectacular ones.

Anyway, scoring 40+ goals per season is quite normal in PES 2010, and Zlatan always score about 5 goals more or less than me, regardless of how many I scored as long as it was more than 20. So basically, if I scored 30, he scored 25 or 35.

By season 3 I always averaged at around 50 goals per season, as striker, second striker, winger or attacking midfielder. And it's not even an achievement imo, once your dribbling is 80+. Ofcourse, passing to better placed players stopped being funny when it was clear that they can't score on point blank shots. So yeah, I was always a big egoistic ball hogger in that game.