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Von Option File (V2.04 NOW ONLINE - 2009/10 Season Update)


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It'd be great if you could patch the classic teams and give them some sort of retro kit that you could pick out ie; the Brazil one from 2004 or whatever. Just a thought! And correct their names too! :p


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It'd be great if you could patch the classic teams and give them some sort of retro kit that you could pick out ie; the Brazil one from 2004 or whatever. Just a thought! And correct their names too! :p

i think the Muff only unlock current active players because it will not be realistic to have Diego Maradona and Gary Lineker. and i agree with that.


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Watch out MUFC you might get a yellow card for a double post

oh, i didn't realise. maybe i should start 'advance reply' instead of 'quick reply' because it did not say "Posting quick reply...please wait'. you know what i mean?

what happens when i yellow card?


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You loose credits and you cant play in the casino games or in the arcade.

Hopfully you get away with it this time mate


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yeah mate u have to go into the games settings and go to INSTALL let it it install all data then go to DOWNLOAD its the option underneath and then download wot it has to do when uve done that say NO to it wanting to save, then go to EDIT mode and LOAD edit data then go into a team in edit come out and then SAVE.

this worked for me i was having troubles but just figured it out!!


I'm terribly ashamed but still it doesn't work for me. My head's been banging on all walls in my house now.
I understood that i had to do the official Konami 1.2 update, which i did. (i had to move the pc modem 2 storeys below to the ps3 which is never connected to the internet).
Konami update done. Then i copied the 1.6 OF from a usb stick into the console.
Started the game, went to settings/install. I installed the only file it proposed, then had the same bloody error message about different version of the game !! :brickwall:

The 'download' version in the settings section : what's the use ? why would it need to go again on the internet for something ? in my case of course i had moved the modem back to the pc room..

I swear i'm not making myself an idiot on purpose. :blush:


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Whenever i go to the download option, the console goes for a network connection (which i do not have, or then i have to move my pc modem again to the consoles room), so i'm forced to cancel.
Right, i'll be trying once again tonight the whole thing (i have to go to work now).
Shall i delete all files again and go from the start ? (but i can't figure out if my game is now officially 1.2 or not, wasn't it supposed to correct a number of big teams ? i never ever saw the british teams corrected, still North London sh** etc, whatever i do)

You are really kind to answer people like me, i seem to be the last person on the forum who still cannot do this properly (while installing v1.02 in october went fine directly)


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hi muff
yesterday, i was playing with arsenal, and i noticed that the logo was too big and the emblem pretty vague. i don't know if it's possible for you to tweak it. it will make the game more realistic.
btw great job editing sulejmani, i gave cvitanich a face scan.
anyway, i talk to u later :)


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Hi muff,

First of all great OF you have made the game feels and looks so much better now than it did without the OF.

Secondly, I was wondering when will you be releasing the latest OF, date if possible??

Thirdly, I also was wondering do you know when the official patch from konami is going to be released???

Finally, if possible could you please add some Egyptian teams to the game for example, Zamalek and Al Ahly because I am a big fan of the Egyptian league.

Thanks very much if it can be done


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who the fuck wants EGYPTIAN teams in evo?

there r A LOT of european teams which r not in the game but they should be and u r really asking for egyptian teams?

come on serious....


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been lookin through your file and noted a few little bits for you;

Jay Simpson needs adding to WBA

and the following players need releasing from their clubs (to free agents):

Slusarski-West Brom

hope that helps


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I noticed that when i started a be a legend when i choose to start in the Premier league it turned out to be the spanish league.