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[WE10] Option File 5.2 [WECG] club KIT by Louis


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...this OF sounds good...

showtime @ evo-web said:
Chinese great save~
BY !!!!!!!![WECG] LOUIS !!!!!!!!!

1. 100% English Player Names( Including ML, Classic teams)
China, Japan, Korea Players in Chinese.

2. Real club Names for Unlicensed teams. 100% Stadium Names in english.
League and Cup names in Chinese.

3. WEN= 99999. SOME items in WE-SHOP unlocked.

4. Cup Gallery Completed.

5. Real club/National Kits for unlicensed team.

6. Accurate players for Cagliari.
Kahn and Ballack back to bayern munich.

7. Blah blah blah, cant translate.
Something to do with real faces for Kahn, ballack, puborsky etc.

8. Finally, this Option file is created by WECG, LOUIS and Zhangguanyi.

Winning11 CN Forum (original thread location & dl links)


BIN rar.......1&2 !



from links below as from above you may need to register (wecn forum - chinese)

Thanks to all involved in the creation of this OF
not forgetting the person who translated the info and
added the dl mirrors. ;)

if using PS2 SaveBuilder BEFORE opening the xps/max file with it rename
the file, for example to.. wecglouis.xps ..this way no error occurs.
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ok mate i ll have look at it how long did it take you to make this of ??
I'm only posting the info, and still not tested the OF itself because it's not mine.


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frodo512 said:
Can i use this option file with km mix v1.2?? Thanks
Yes you may, take note of changes made due to use of OF;

. asian players names will be in chinese.
. some league/stadium names will also be in chinese.

you may modify this in edit mode.


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can someone please post this option file in .bin format
i can't download it from the link given because i can't read chinese
thank you


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Ahh guys i'm new to this , so how can i transfer this option file to my memory card ?? Btw i don't have MAX or XPS i don't even know what they are, however i do have a ps2 hard drive and hdloader so could this help me to transfer the option file to my memory card ???
thnx alot in advance for any help


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i must say it is really nice.....surtently if you know this is the first memorycard of.....he has made vere nice national kits and all names are perfect.....most of the kits look great to...yhe only thing missing are a few badges of unlicenced kits about 5.....and aslo all pes shop items can by bought as you have a lot of pes why don t try can always save your current of....but i doubt it will be better....i like the of.....sure better will come...but how long will we wait for that as this is the first of in almost over 2 weeks that the game is out............


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Mr_JD said:
can someone please post this option file in .bin format
i can't download it from the link given because i can't read chinese
thank you
same here. please can you up the bin file for us!


d-block94 - Winning Eleven is a Japanese game.

aaronmanutd10 - There is no way on this planet that English commentary could ever fit onto an option file. You would need to patch your game.


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does anyone
have the bin file of this option file
if they do can they post it
is there any other option file simliar to this?