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WE10 Passing System is reaaaally bad!


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if you use a joystick with a dpad like an xbox then u will,for sure,have some trouble to do the passing...for me, the x passing is much better than we9/pes5 but unfortunately i dont like the L1+triangle pass, its not the same like pes5, where the lob through pass in in driven mode,wish i could change it

as for saying : if u cant beat them,join them

Jake Small

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Alex, the analogue stick is indeed 8 directional, just like the D-pad. Would be nice if it were 360 just for player pass choosing purposes...


are you serious about not liking the new L1 + /\ !!!! in PES5 everytime you pressed this it was overhit and usually into the keepers hands-a total waste of time, now if your player has good passing accuracy you can hit very good through balls with this pass!


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Im only use L1+/\ to pass it at my winger,especially using chelsea,now i have to abandon that style,its juventus now for we10


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Gun_Runner said:
the best of keepers still spill it often, example Cech & Buffon...

I've never tried to master the analogue passing, you think it makes a BIG difference to the passing or just a slight difference thats not really noticeable?

It makes a massive difference G, there is a certain satisfaction that you get from making the pass yourself, maybe its just me but there seems to be a little more bend to a lofted ball.

As for the keepers, did you see Tunisia's goal v spain yesterday, it happens in real life too!


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You're totally on the money alexpant. It happens with players of certain attack direction settings in formation. It happens with some teams and not with others. In PES 5 this simply didn't occur. I use the exact same formation for my master league side as I did in 5 and now I have this trouble with it in PES 6. On the most part the passing has been improved but this is a painful mistake. Very frustrating.

Furthermore, a problem regarding offside players that has been there since PES 5 and maybe before (can't remember) hasn't been rectified. If you are playing a pass to an adjacent player but there is an offside player beyond that in the same direction it will automatically direct the pass to the offside player. The mind boggles.

It's unfortunate as other than this the game is glorious.


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Alexpant...Of course player passing ability and how you time your passing has a bearing on the execution of passes, but at the end of the day the fact is there are only 8 possible directions on the D-pad, and as Jake pointed out the analogue stick is also 8-directional. Because of this, unfortunately sometimes passes will not always go in the direction you had intended. Obviously this is not realistic, when for example you are playing as Arsenal; Henry is 'forced' to play it to Lungberg when he (you) meant it to go to Rosicky; this can be extremely frustrating and ultimately determines what happens in a match, so it's nothing to take lightly. In my opinion the 8-way restriction has always been the achilles heel of every PES game. I'm sure we've all been there when a pass/move doesn't come off even when you know for certain it wasn't anything to do with the ability of the players, OR anything to do with you, but had EVERYTHING to do with the directional restriction. In that case you are right to blame something else, and that is either Sony for the design of the pad, or Konami for not utilizing it in the best manner. PES as a football simulator should require degree by degree play if it is to compliment the passing of real football, at least it should be in the 180 degree range when a player has the ball, but it's not quite there yet. Instead you have a choice of 5 possible directions to play to in the 180 degree range, rather than having the choice of 180 directions you'd get in real life. It's an absolutely massive difference and I hope one day it will happen. If it does, then the PES series would move onto another level.

It's good enough with the 8-way, don't get me wrong, but there is no getting away from the 8-way restriction.