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WEmerica & DjPelle Option File 1.0 PES2008 PS3!!!


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So this OF has correct sponsors only for Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool right? Just want to make sure I havn't gone wrong somewhere! Thanks.


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wemerica is gone with the money of the donations somebody done for keeping his site alive! he got away.eheh, now I know why he's been banned from many pes boards...
now, his forum is unreachable, he's unreachable and no option file 2.0...:)
WEMERICA if you hear me, I don't want my money back, you can keep them in your paypal account or in your pocket, I don't care...but for sure you're an a**hole....I've sent you 2 mails but you haven't have to explain to all those people who donated where you are now...

All those things on the fact that you don't have a job, and that u can't keep your site alive...bullshit!
i will not spend my time anymore...
have a nice day guys


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^ I dont know were he is too. But If there is a Version 2.0 it wont be until Feb after the transfer window closes!


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hi! im come back, pes-tribe is not available for now. i have not anymore problems, im working again, so fuck bitch! i will release soon update OF PS3 and do another one for the transfers winters :) for sure i will set one password by download for say fuck to few shits mans on this forum

i have received 10 donations ONLY (1euro), on 5000 members!! 10/5000!!! so you call that a steal??? its a joke fucking guy!!! one website need more donation than that for live!


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Ok. I had just thought u got away after the donations. I've donated and you can see it cause I've sent a PM from your website with my nickname and name (i've donated 2€..eheh).. btw sorry if I've been wrong...onestly everyone would thought like me after donating, obviously who had donated., and seeing your website down..I believe in projects like these but I don't trust people who I believe in and then they go away.
Just let me say that I'm sorry. :) and I'm sorry other people did not donate anything.

bye for now.
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hi ive been using this since the first version, but the last day or so the front of the chelsea stip keeps being replaced by a flat blue one (think its the ingame standard one) anyone else had a similar prob, know a fix?


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hi evrybody
i need a brazilian patch
if someone knows tell me please for ps 3
an option file
with brazilliam teams ok this is it
thank you evrybody


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can someone please post some pictures of examples of this option file
i want some examples of what im goin to download before i download it
pics of mufc's kit would be nice