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West Ham

Who has been our best player in the 2008/09 season?

  • Valon Behrami

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  • Robert Green

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Registered User
Diamanti won't stay if they go down. Plenty of mid-table Italian clubs will be interested along with others in Europe.

We might also make a move if he's cheap although he'll want the promise of regular football.
Awww. That's unfortunate. I enjoy watching the boy play. Now I have to hope either WH stay up or you guys buy him.

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
We can all agree that Pompy and Burnley are relegated. Its between Hull City, west ham as things stand.

Stoke City v Hull City

Hull City v Burnley

Birmingham v Hull City

Hull City v Aston Villa

Hull City v Sunderland

Wigan Athletic v Hull City

Hull City v Liverpool

West Ham's remaining 6 games fixtures are..

Everton v West Ham ( no chance. Everton are playing too well now )

West Ham v Sunderland

Liverpool v West Ham ( can't see anything but a liverpool victory )

West Ham v Wigan Athletic

Fulham v West Ham

West Ham v Man City

I want the hammers to stay up but i think Hull will pull off the great escape.


Registered User
We get relegated, our finances will be suited to the Championship anyway. We are in so much shit, so much that our home shirts are being sold for a tenner and 'signed' shirts being sold for £50. We are going to lose most of our players and i'll be fine with that as long as we lose also lose the players with the salaries that have crippled our finances for the last 3 years. If we go down, I cant see us being as prepared as Newcastle were this year, I dont think we'll have enough to do what theyve done, so a two year stay is what I expect. We have great young players eager to show what they can do so I dont see why we need to spend more money.

Do I sound like I've conceded relegation? After our last 2 results, you cant blame me. That's no disrespect to Stoke who are climbing the table but they had only won 2 away games the entire season, gifting a goal like theirs made me cry. And after our shitness during the Wolves game, you wouldve thought the players, not Zola, the players have something to prove against Stoke but the whole camp is down. Getting out of a bad run of results is hard, Everton on the weekend will be so tough and we have to make the most of all our other games. Let's discard the Liverpool game already; Sunderland we have to win, Wigan we have to win, Fulham we have to win and Man City we have to win. Easier said than done. And we could be looking at the possibility of either Bobby Zamora or Carlos Tevez relegating us...


Mr Lover Man
It be disappointing to see West Ham go down. But they've brought it upon themselves. I guess last season covered up a lot of holes, one being that they don't have a big enough squad. Definitely not one for the Prem.

Zola's situation seems like dead man walking. He's gone no matter what happens I feel. A shame because I like the guy and West Ham have played some decent football under him but I guess if you haven't got the quality then the good football doesn't pay off.


Witchfinder General
Three things come to mind:

1) If West Ham weren't shit and could beat teams like Wolves at home, there wouldn't be a problem.

2) The whole Tevez saga

3) West Ham vs. Portsmouth, during the arse end of the 2005-06 season.


Registered User
A Stoke fan has complained to trading standards about you guys too. You know they improvised ad boards you put up to try and counter Delap? Well, it impeded his view (it was terrible actually, looking at the picture in the paper) and this wasn't forewarned on his ticket.

I'll try to find the picture as it was on a forum I use.

EDIT: On here...


Thank you for reading.
Three things come to mind:

1) If West Ham weren't shit and could beat teams like Wolves at home, there wouldn't be a problem.

2) The whole Tevez saga

3) West Ham vs. Portsmouth, during the arse end of the 2005-06 season.
4) We've played 51 matches this season which is the most in Europe.

5) Aaron Hughes, who was rested, has played 4172 minutes this season, again the most in Europe - more than 300 minutes more than any other player.

6) Our team was:
- Mark Schwarzer - first choice keeper
- Paul Konchesky - first choice left back
- Brede Hangeland - one of our best players
- Chris Smalling - United just paid £8m-£12m for him
- Nicky Shorey - been quality since he signed
- Kagisho Dikcgacoi - played against West Ham
- Chris Baird - been consistently excellent this season
- Bjorn Helge Riise - played against West Ham
- Simon Davies - first choice
- Zoltan Gera - first choice
- Clint Dempsey - first choice and possibly our best player

7) The rested players were Aaron Hughes (must be knackered now) Bobby Zamora (stomach bug), Danny Murphy (just back from injury), Dickson Etuhu (been rubbish recently), Steven Kelly (our worst player), Stefano Okaka (played the second half) and Damien Duff (about 100 years old).

8) One more point would be that even if we had the sick Zamora, the half-fit Murphy, the dodgy Etuhu, the shit Kelly and the ancient Duff, we probably wouldn't have won. We're really shit away as you may have noticed. Our one away win this season was at Fratton Park on the very first day.

So, load of bollocks really.


Registered User
I got showed a pathetic joke today.

"A new Italian cheese being sold in East London...YOURGONEZOLA..."

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
a massive point for west ham there. I was surprised they were able to bounce back after conceding late on. Lets hope this is the turning point in their season. 3 of their remaining 5 prem games are at home. West ham's better goal difference in the bottom half is like having a point aswel.


Registered User
Scott Parker fought so hard during todays game and his we'll lose his services for the next two games as a consequence. But im very happy with the result, the second half perfomance showed we actually do have something in the tank, something that will hopefully put us safe. Our first half performance was shit. We were lazy, couldnt keep possession and if the ball wasnt with us, we found it very hard to get it off Everton, only Parker was fighting for us in midfield and he got booked as a result.

Our goal difference is far better than those teams above and below us, so like Mullet said, its like an extra point, but we cant bank on that. We must beat Sunderland next, hope its the bad Liverpool we come up against to give us a glimer and play well the rest of the way. I think if Hull cant do any better, then 2 wins and 2 draws may do it for us.