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West Ham

Who has been our best player in the 2008/09 season?

  • Valon Behrami

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  • Robert Green

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  • Herita Illunga

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Registered User
I think Baines is about as good as he's going to be, Gibbs looks like he could end up being world class in four or five years time.


Registered User
What the fuck is going on?

I have not seen my club behave in this way before? Go about their business to try and get MON with Grant still as our manager?! Robbie Keane stalling on a deal with Birmingham, who the fuck signed Wayne Bridge? Now we are seeing what Birmingham have seen with the two dodgy chairmen.

I can't defend Grant anymore despite our cup runs because the league is the most important competition of our season and our fans know that, we are just riding the Carling Cup run with us sitting on the bottom of the league at the back of our minds. O'Neill would be the best possible replacement, no doubt. Right now, our players have serious mental problems :)lol:)


Registered User
Valon Behrami to the Viola. Can any WH fans shed some light on his form this year for me?

He hasn't played much from what I've seen, I'm a big Valon fan ever since his Lazio days, when fit he's a very reliable and solid player. In my opnion, it's not good business from the Irons.


Registered User
Behrami wasn't the same player after Zola left - that and the injuries. He's a solid player though in terms of stamin and application. He'll put a shift in the for the team down the right, left or centre of the pitch.

It irritated me how was perceived by the English media, because he was a much better player than they gave credit for.

Dale C.

Registered User
Your fans were fucking sore losers tonight.

Throwing material included; glass bottles, milkshakes, coins :)lol:).


Registered User
Still fucking bricking it.

Barn is saying no one wants us to stay up. Only this season I actually believe that. Then again, no one wanted Newcastle to stay up but when they were gone, everyone missed them.


Witchfinder General
It's nothing personal daft cunt, I just think they've been shit all season and deserve to go down. Just like we were that season we got relegated.


Registered User
So, this is where shite management, terrible boardroom decisions and the trust in cancerous players have got us...

Not as distraught as I was last week when reality hit home that we may be relegated today. I was at the park when the Blackburn game was on because I couldn't bear listening to those twats at Skysports. But I could still hear everything because I live 2 minutes away from the Boleyn. Today, when the final whistle blew, it was more of a bad relief if there ever was such a thing. We were bad last season, somehow after a few more additions and a manager with better credentials later, we were even worse this season.

Avram Grant is out. I don't even know how long Gold and Sullivan took to make that decision but it happened pretty quick. Chris Hughton will probably get the job who I dont mind. Sam Allardyce would be my proffered choice. There's something horribly wrong with our squad where we crumble under little pressure and cannot force ourselves back into the game as we say today.


Registered User
Oh Man. The West Ham kit doesn't look right with Championship numbers on the back. Made a good start though.


Staff member
Benni McCarthy on Karen Brady calling him a "big, fat mistake who is more committed to filling his belly than filling the net":

It makes me want to throw up. There’s the devil with a pair of tits. I am conditioned and can last for 90 minutes, but I’ll push myself to be in even better shape.