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What are you currently playing?

Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread....

Bought Walking Dead for £6 the Vita as one of the PSN 12 deals of christmas sales, finally get to see what all the fuss is.

Slightly annoyed that during episode 1 no matter what I do I can't save
and that little cunt survives even though it's all his fault.

Also, finished with Sonic and All Stars, no way i'm platinuming this son of a bitch, but i'm happy with what I did, unlocked all characters, finished all grand prix's and barring a few upgrades which require nearly all the expert stars I finished the world tour. Fantastic game, highly recommended.


Without a doubt, the sweetest, most charming game I have ever played. After you create a hole in to the gaming world, everything goes tits up and you have to help the messenger deliver his message to you as well as clean up the mess you created.

Using the camera You'll occasionally catch your face in the sun, or see pictures of yourself littered around the world as the inhabitants learn that you're trying to help them and its hard not to laugh when these things happen. You can also use the touchscreen to create designs, items, stickers etc to be used in the world. One of the set of collectibles ingame translates to real life papercraft templates that you can print out and use to create the characters from the game!

One of the best games of the year imo and That ending :crymore:


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Completed Remember Me. It's become a jokey cliché review, but describing it as forgettable is bang on. Batman Arkham meets Enslaved with a bit of Uncharted, but not as good as any. A jack of all trades but master of none.

I appreciate Capcom coming up with a new IP using a relatively fresh setting and premise. Best idea is the memory remixes but unfortunately they're few and far between.
Ok, you've finished Remember Me so now you can move on to a good game.

Seeing as you're the only other Vita owner I know on here I demand you play Tearaway now you c*nt. It's about 8 hours to get a platinum on but it's hands down the best 8 hour game you'll play.


Completed Remember Me. It's become a jokey cliché review, but describing it as forgettable is bang on. Batman Arkham meets Enslaved with a bit of Uncharted, but not as good as any. A jack of all trades but master of none.

I appreciate Capcom coming up with a new IP using a relatively fresh setting and premise. Best idea is the memory remixes but unfortunately they're few and far between.
It felt a bit like a PS2 game with improved graphics to me, if you get what I mean. It had some good elements to it e.g. the variety of sensens but working your way through levels was way too simple with markers showing you every ledge you needed to jump onto.

Been playing Virtua Tennis 4 recently. I remember when I first played it I said I'd never go back to it but I'm not sure why that was. Now I've given it another try it's been great fun, just like all the previous Virtua Tennis instalments.
Been playing Virtua Tennis 4 on ocassions on my Vita, it's a great game. The World Tour mode is good fun. I heard there are improvements to the gameplay in the Vita version with players having more weight to them and not sliding round the court so much.


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Currently playing Borderlands 2. A great game, and the writing/voice acting is superb. I have just beaten the main story. Probably will go through the DLC after I finish Battlefield 4's campaign.


It is happening again
Has anyone played a game called Proteus? I keep seeing it mentioned. It's on PS3/Vita, so perhaps our resident Vita cigarette, [MENTION=79096]Jonno394[/MENTION] has played it?
[MENTION=180348]Ali[/MENTION] not really interested in it, appears to be another one of those "experiences" that are little more than interactive screensavers.
Went back to Muramasa after seeing some screens of the upcoming DLC, still very much my GOTY.

Managed to unlock the last few blades I was missing and saw the last ending for one of the characters. Dont know if I can be arsed to level up the other character so that I can see her final ending though.

GOAT game.


I've been playing quite a bit of Call Of Duty Ghosts since buying it last week.

I'm actually really enjoying it. I didn't initially have high expectations of it, since I bought it whilst in Tesco purely on impulse. I was debating whether to get Ghosts or Battlefield 4. I decided on Ghosts because given that I don't play on the Xbox very much anymore, I'd be better off buying a game that I can just hop in and out off. I can do that with COD, but I get the sense that Battlefield would be more of a long haul, albeit perhaps more rewarding.

But the biggest positive about Call of Duty Ghosts for me thus far, is definitely the maps. They're bigger than they have been in a long time, probably since COD4. It just means that there's more options in how you wish to play, and how the dynamic of the game alters due to the larger maps also.

So far, so good... or even so great.


It is happening again
Dead Space 3 - A lot better than I thought it'd be, though I still prefer the first 2 games. It can be so fucking relentless at times, far too many enemies on occasion, and I'm not too happy that they've got rid of the save points and gone down the auto-save route. There are optional missions that you have to complete in one go, no autosave points at all!

Beyond: Two Souls - Good game, I'm enjoying it. Not sure why it received plenty of harsh reviews. Curious to see how much affect on the story my choices are having, but I guess I'll only find this out at the end and when I go to replay it.
Final Fantasy IX

Played a few hours, rather enjoyable. Charming world and a colourful cast of characters including a lead character that isn't a whiney fag like in FF7 and FF8.


It is happening again
Mass Effect - I must say, I'm struggling to get into this. Especially since the last couple of times I've played it, I've landed on a planet, played for about 30-45mins, and then died, only to have it put me right back when I first landed on the planet. It's times like these that make you pine for the frequent autosaving in more "modern" games.
Aside from that, the combat is shit, and the setting just doesn't do it for me.


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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The controls are very basic but you control the brothers with one analog stick each. You may think it'll get easier to adapt to over time but nope, it remains awkward throughout. It's an extremely simple game with no real challenge but it is lovely and parts of it very touching. There seems to lots of pop-ins and the occasional glitch which can get very frustrating, for instance I had to re-do an entire chapter because a cutscene didn't happen (and it seems like a regular thing for people based on a search).

Very reminiscent of Journey, even though the artistic style is completely different. I sound critical of it here, but it's still a very good experience.


I've now finished it (had 2 chapters still to go when I said the above). Chapter 7 is a complete WTF as it goes from the ridiculous to the sublime. I know it was a sort of fairytale land but that was insane.

If any of you play it, stick with it. The first couple of chapters are fairly plain and dull and you may consider giving up, but after that the environments change and the game takes a darker twist.

You save a girl from being sacrificed and she becomes a romantic interest for the older brother. Then she goes crazy and turns into a spider. :huh:

After that is pretty emotional. Having to bury your own brother :no: