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What is the difficulty level in which you play in?

Title says all...

  • Beginner(*)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Amateur(**)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Intermediate(***)

    Votes: 6 13.6%
  • Professional(****)

    Votes: 8 18.2%
  • Top Player(*****)

    Votes: 30 68.2%

  • Total voters

hellmo LFC

Registered User
I started off in Professional mode for the difficulty level and Normal for the ML difficulty. Unfortunately it took me 3 seasons to get out of Division II, but it made if fun trying to put together a squad with few points. Eventaually produced a quality squad which dominated the Div. I and won the treble in two seasons. Just switched to Professional/Hard for ML Difficulty and am curious to see what the difference is. Any ideas as to what the difference is between ML Difficulty levels aside from a stubborn transfer market?


Registered User
If this is true, you're bloody good at PES.

Record is 11-0 against Copenhagen. Dunno if I'm any good or not, you kind of understand the games mechanic after playing a lot so it's easy to predict what the compy will do. Also my team (which you can check out in the ML team thread) is silly good. If you add 15min games to this it's not that hard.

Now I need to finish 2,5 seasons to get the bloody World-Class mode. Should be unlockable by points, not 5 seasons of 50+ goals.


Registered User
Damn! I found out that in my 1st season I only scored 47 goals. Now I need another season... Are you sure its 50+?


Registered User
Yeah man. Complete 5 seasons on Master League scoring 50+ goals each season on Top Player.

Wow, never knew about this. Was just about to post that i use top player but wish there was a harder mode because i win every game. Guess it's time to play some more masterleague :)

my record on top player is 9-0 against liverpool (as chelsesa) in masterleague 10 minute match

The Dude

His Dudeness
top player is too easy........i win like every game in my bpl by like 2 or 3 goals when i use fulham.........except when i play the big four teams.......those games r close.........i want that other difficulty but it will take too long to get and pes09 comes out in 2months.


Registered User
Once I played Iran against Liverpool in a random tournament with my friends, and I won! It was really hard as the other guy was very good and... well he had Liverpool.

Also once I got stucked with a generic team, attack of the clones and still won against another very good player. But man was I tired afterwards, those bald clones sure do suck, I believe the other guy had Barcelona.

I believe I'm on the verge of unlocking world class! Uhuuu! This is going to be sweet!


Registered User
played player way too unrealistic, players never pressure that much in real life/get so many free kicks in, not rewarding

Yeah I agree. I was doing top player and switched to professional for that reason as well.



Registered User
Top Player...I go straight to the hardest level when i purchase any Pro Evo, but then i've been playing them since ISS on PS1.