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What is your favourite...


The Three Amigos
Call of Duty?
Primary weapon?
Secondary weapon?
Class set up?
Killstreak set up?
Game type?


Registered User
Call of Duty - Black Ops
Primary weapon - Comando
Secondary weapon AA12 Extended Mag MW2
Equipment - Motion Sensor
Perk - Flak Jacket / Slight of Hand
Killstreak - Dogs
Class set up - Ghost/Slight/Hacker or Flak/Slight/Tactical
Killstreak set up - Napalm / Chopper or sr71/ Dogs
Map - Nuketown/Grid
Game type - Dom

Top Gun

Registered User
Call of Duty MW2
Primary weapon ACR
Secondary weapon Silenced UMP
Equipment Throwing Knife
Perk Ninja
Killstreak Harriers
Class set up Sleight of Hand/Stopping Power/Ninja
Killstreak set up Harrier Strike/Pave Low/Chopper Gunner
Map Favela
Game type S & D


The Three Amigos
Call of Duty MW2
Primary weapon Silcenced UMP
Secondary weapon RPG
Equipment Throwing Knife
Perk Cold Blodded
Killstreak EMP
Class set up Marathon/Cold Blooded/Ninja
Killstreak set up UAV/Predator/Harrier Strike
Map Bailout
Game type S&D


Registered User
Call of Duty-Black Ops
Primary weapon-AK47
Secondary weapon-Python
Class set up-Lightweight/Speed reload/Marathon
Killstreak set up-Care Package/Attack Helicopter/Dogs
Map-Grid/Firing Range/Nuketown
Game type-TM/Free for all


Registered User
Call of Duty?... World at War (WW2 the perfect setting for a shooter)

Primary weapon?... Something big, I like the heavy machine guns during campaign. They're not so good online though.

Secondary weapon?... Not sure of it's name but I like to have the option of the machine pistol with the cylindrical magazine along the bottom of the barrel. You get it first on the Rusky sub in campaign.

Equipment?... Frags, can't go wrong really.



Class set up?

Killstreak set up?


Game type?... Free for all as there seems little co-ordination anyway online so why not be on your own team to start with.


Registered User
Call of Duty? Dunno
Primary weapon? Spas from MW2
Secondary weapon? dunno
Equipment? C4
Perk? stopping power
Killstreak? uav
Class set up?
Killstreak set up? uav,cauv
Map? terminal
Game type? dom maybe


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I know this is COD but can I chime in with my Killzone favourites, because to be fair I'm the only sod here playing it and it certainly doesn't warrant another thread ... let alone this post actually :laugh: