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What is your playing style?


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Style: Possession, possession, possession.

Do you take your time building your attack: Sure, as I enjoy it and it feels more natural for me. But enjoyment aside, if this means holding onto the ball until I can exploit/take advantage of an opponent, then, yes. Obviously this can backfire when playing an opponent who sits back and defends, but with decent vision and anticipation, and defenders and midfielders who possess great body balance, possession/dribbling, and above-average passing ratings, I cut down on it happening.

Avg. Possession: 60-65%

What formation do you use?: Typically a 4-3-3, with the midfielders and forwards positions adjusted according to the opponent's positions. Naturally, if it's beneficial to change to a different formation for the sake of how your opponent lines up, then I adapt.

Current Line-up of Los Gitanos:

GK: Bailly
RB: Patric
CB: Bos or Srbonic
LB: Dellafiore or Marcelo
DMF: Huddlestone or Busquets
MF: Defour or Merino
MF: Kahlenberg
R-SS: Lisandro or Rowland
CF: Keirrison
L-SS: Balotelli


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4-4-2. I play a patient passing style with four midlfieders who are good at winning the ball back.

Mascherano, Kuyt, Riera and Gerrard at Liverpool. Pirlo, Gattuso, Seedorf and Kaka when I was AC Milan.


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Man utd 2022/2023

Style: -counter attacks, smart through passing (att)
-pressing (def)

Do you take your time building your attack?
not really.

What's your Ball possession average?

What formation do you use?
4-3-3 or rarely 4-2-4

GK Van Der Sar 100 (y)
CB Horymarqua 99/alvaro 84
CB Elpuzzi 94/reekers (y) 84
RB U. Kavuk (y) 96/frechaut 87
LB A. Dawson (y) 94/juanfran 88
DMF Piedomerz (y) 89/vieira (y) 78
AMF Todoran (y) 87/emre 75/riquelme 84
CMF Kobin (y) 102
RWF Monterrubio 89/lurling 84
LWF Burchet (y) 98/Sionko 89
CF Dauderwiecz (y) 98/alnenda (y) 88

(y)-from the youth team
I have a lot of great players in my reserves who are bought from the other teams but the best all come from the youth team.

My best player is Burchet who scores most of the goals (driblling speed and accuracy are 99) and if you get him in the youth team you can be happy. I cut form wide areas with him ang go for goal. previously on this position I used Nani but he came old and asked a lot of money. ;)

Dauderwiecz is also very good and you can find him too at the youth team. He's a real bomber. Good with his head. Previously on this position I played with Rooney, Monnet-paquet and haedo valdez.

on the RWF I have monterrubio. He's still new at my team but he is very fast and has great passing (left footed). previously there were Quaresma and gurzallo(verrrrrry good, fast, great shot but i payed him 100 mil and nearly bankrupt cuz of him).