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What makes PES 2017 run slow in a laptop?


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There are quite a few parts in your computer that could be outdated. See the game requirements, and the PC you have.

BUT! Last year I had just bought a really cool graphic accelerator, and the rest of the hardware on my pc was almost twice what needed for fifa 17. The game still lagged so badly I couldn’t play it, even if other newer games run just fine.

It took me a while to find out what was happening. FIFA 17 (and 16, I think) is designed to run in a quad core processor (1.7 ghz is enough), but my processor was a dual core 3.7 gzh. Even when mine was much faster than needed, the game interrupted itself while playing, and it wouldn’t run properly.

Solution? Sadly, change processor, motherboard, and memory


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Konami's always been known for overestimating PC requirements.
Remember when PES 3-5 came out, most average computers would chug along when running them, even though other games of the time ran fine? They certainly didn't make the game thinking of PC users. Even right now, I have to turn off most visual effects on PES 2018 so it'll run at a manageable pace (that, and the motion blur filter looks too heavy and ugly on my screen).