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What song are you currently listening to?


New Member
The song currently in my head is the brilliant Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack, it's my favourite song ever along with How SoonIs Now? by The Smiths


Betting Guru
ai be faithfuls nice

mine r lullaby - lemar

for a reason im not sure

and r kelly the worlds greatest


Registered User
I got my ace playlist on repeat

Robert Miles - Children
Mad'ouse - Like a prayer
Angel City - Love Me Right
Fatman scoop - Be faithful
Lil Kim & Phil Collins - In the air tonight
CJ Stone - Infinty
ATB - 9pm Till I Come

Good songs. Some classics!


Registered User
ive got 2 songs stuck in my head:

suffocate - cold
build a bridge - limp bizkit

top songs though... i think tha suffocate is abit betta :D


Registered User
just heard sum other songs which i had out of my head but from listening to um there bk in!!
the only - static x
born to slow - the crystal method
the day seattle died - cold
sorry - our lady peace

all came bk to me :rolleyes: