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what team is da best (game wise)


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when u r playing wat ever pes or we game u got wat team do find best to play,such as speed,accuracy and teamwork and not just teams u support cau
se i reckon newcastle r good (lol)
and have you made any teams of your own in edit mode.


"ThE liTtlE PhAraOh"
i would say barcelona though the stats of real madrid are better but never played with them, but ronaldinho and saviola stats are just crazy maybe because they had a great season


So is Partizan in the game. If it is, what does the flag look like also is the roster updated..etc..

Btw. I find Arsenal hard.

Paul B

Registered User
Arsenal & Milan for me

Great quality from defence to attack, can score bagful's with these guys.

Barcelona are also great to play with, especially now with their latest signings.


Barcalona definatly because on PES3, they have a great squad which can compete with the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid etc on the game!!


aka Uchiha Itachi
AS Roma baby :D, the roster is pretty good, alot of offensive midfielders but also alot of defensive ones. cassano and totti make a great pair.


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for playing master league i fancy Manchester utd. only cus they have a lot of promising prospects ( spector, ronaldo etc.)

against friends chelsea's nice, alot of depth