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What's going on with o.f for uk version?

john tsios

Registered User
Hi there....I'm just wondering what's going on this year with pes 2010 option files for uk version?at start i thought that i will have to try a lot of them to fnd the one that i like most .....then after the dlc updates some o.f creators stopped updating their o.f.and now with 1.07 dlc update i only have to choose between Paul2478,WEFA and G.T.M (if it's true that he will update it soon?).i remember that last year i was confused with the o.f that was released.there are so many that i changed it almost every week.HEY!!!!!where are you my friends?where are the old good o.f that you created???just one GOOD o.f to have a nice summer....i seriously think next year in pes 2011 to make my own o.f and make it just like what i have in mind.if you know any other good o.f for uk version just tell me....i hope to hear some good news....By the way what is this shit with eu,uk and us versions.i'm from Greece and here we have uk version..JUST WHY?isn't Greece in Europesorry for my bad english.....Just PES,ROCK AND LOT OF there any way to make a eu version in uk version?