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Whats up with the player ratings?


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I dont know how many people actually pay attention to the ratings at the end of a match but if u do have u noticed that they are absolute bollox! I dont even think its possible to get more than an 8.

A striker who scores gets a 6.5 most of the time, a hat-trick mite get u a 7.5. Adriano scored 5 in 1 game for me and got an 8? wat the fuk!

Wingers always get 5.5 or 6 no matter wat they do i think.

I beat man u 5-1, my defenders got a 5.5 and a 6, rio n heinze got 6s each? how does that work? they fukin conceded 5!

Keepers are the worst! they cant get higher than a 6.5 EVER!! but keepers in the top average ratings have like 6.58 n stuff? i keep clean sheet after clean sheet n get 5.5. The best example of this was beating inter 2-0, toldo gets a 6, given gets a 5.5? ABSOLUTE BOLLOX!

It doesnt make sense that players in the top average ratings r so high! they must score 5 a game! n keepers must save 2 penalties a match!

Come on konami sort it out!


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i know what you mean mate, i once played a match on bigginer for a laugh to see how many goals i could score in 10 mins. Ronaldo scored 8 and Adriano 9 but they both received an 8.5.:huh:


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in my master league fernando torres scored 7 times and set up 1 a few days ago and he got rated as 9.5 the highest iv seen, but to be fair i have seen a few 9s.


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It's been like this since they brought 'em in. It doesn't affect anything, because the computer's players ratings are just as bad.


I had a 9.5 with John Carew before coz he got a hattrick, and I think every shot was on target and his passing was 100% or something, but I hope Konami can fix the ratings for the next gen...because they're really a let down.


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A shame aswell that defenders never seem to get a high rating- despite a clean sheet.


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I play a 4-5-1 formation, with huddlestone as the DMF, evertime he gets the ball, i make simple passes that he always completes, by doing this every game, he got master leagues most valuable player (or something) but basically his rating was the highest of all players just by passing, so there is a way to get a good rating but the player needs to never, ever, put a foot wrong. One yellow card, and the season is over.

Strange rating system, started off a good addition, now seeing through the patterns, looks like a poor addition or a least a badly done one.


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Try this and see if it helps.

Keeper: Clean sheets only give you 0.5. Make lots of saves and command your box (grab some corners and crosses). Passing and dribbling also helps but you can't control much in terms of getting a high rating.

CB: Clean sheets, perfect passing, 5+ interceptions. Nice sliding tackles are +0.5, yellow cards -0.5, red -1. I get lots of 7.5 and man of the match with Rio when he eats every ball thrown at my defense.

SB: Dribble distance 100m+, 5+ crosses, 5+interceptions.

DMF: Perfect passing, 3+ interceptions.

CMF: 20-40 times of possession, Perfect passing, Dribble distance 100m+, 3+ interceptions, 2+ shots

SMF: Perhaps the hardest. 20-40 times of possession, Dribble distance 300m+, 5+ crosses, 2+ shots.

AMF: 30-50 times of possession, perfect passing, 5+ shots, dribble distance 150m+.

Forwards: 5+ shots, 20-40 times of possession, dribble distance 150m+.

1 dribbling goal and 2 assists was enough to get me a 9.0 with Rooney cuz he had the ball 44 times and he ran over 400m. Basically poachers won't get really high ratings even if they score a few.

Also the type of goal helps a lot. A sub can only play for 7min score an equaliser he'll get a 7. There's more significance in the game winner if it's a close match.