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What's your biggest ML win?


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Let's share our moments of glory. I've managed to defeat Inter in group stage of CL 9:1 !!! :happy:


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Well,I started a ML with Manchester United,and all the matches I was playing after 2 seasons was a victory,because my team was so good.So,I decided to wait for a truly good team and play with it in Top Player.I decided to play with Real Madrid in UCL's semifinals,and I beat them with 9-1.At top player.And Real Madrid had very good players.


11-0 Is biggest win against Wigan on top player. Pathetic game that I no longer play because of the unreal scorelines that are so easy to chock up


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Being realistic when i was aston villa i beat ajax 7-2 in group stage of CL

But beat inter 9-1 etc is just too unrealistic to me.


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I think 9-0 is my best, which I've managed a few times. I do love those matches where you absolutely massacre the opposition and the exhibition football really starts to flow.


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Yea it's a fact that as soon as you get the first goal ahead, it might start rolling. Luckily our guys are still quite low lev in PES so our max is about 6-1..

Anyway our best win for sure was in Cup semi-final against Sevilla. We were 3-1 losing until second period. But managed to score 2, the other one coming from a substituted striker scoring a volley outside the box.. Man we were screaming.
Also remember a total cracker in PES6, really a kind of goal that just doesn't happen again. A long shot from between goal and middle of the pitch and a lot to the side, went in through bar & post.

I just remember it being so funny as Trevor Brackley and Peter Brooking begun their "normal quite lame" "oh it's a goal.." -style.. When on the other hand me and my friend playing like dropped our jaws and were shouting like crazy :D.. I really recall the feeling that first I was just gasping :D


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C.L. Semi-finals.......

1st leg. at old trafford: 1-1 ( i played with man united )

2nd leg. at nou camp : i beat them 7-0 ( was a bit worried when they were holding the away goal lead as i'm playing in top player )


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Manchester City - Unirea Urziceni 18-0 (Top Player)
Tevez 7x
Cun Teibang 3x
Vela 3x
Palermo 2x
Wijnaldum 1x
Marko Marin 1x
Tasci 1x


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Arsenal v Sporting Portugal
9 - 1

And that was just the first leg, second leg was like 5-0 or something.

Anyone else notice that when you verse big teams (Inter, Chelsea, Madrid, etc), they are hard to puncture but after you get a first goal they attack a bit more, then if you score again you'll probably end up slotting another 3 or 4 in after that if you have time? I love how when the AI is losing they throw 6 up and have virtually no midfield, as I excel in the midfield.

Side note: In the FA Cup Final, Wijnaldum got a red card 10 minutes in. Ended up winning that one 6-0. :D Vela was on fire that game.


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i beat barca in camp nou 1-8 with atletico madrid,how unrealistic is that?(with players such as arshavin and berdtner who is a great bargain)