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whats your highest match rating?


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How can you 'do better'? I don't understand the player after-game rating system this year. :(


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Remember you're judged (often very harshly) on how many mistakes you made as well as how many good things you did. So if you scored a hat-trick but only had 25% successful passes and got tackled a lot, you will get marked down. This is probably why DaMJoC7 managed such a high score as a substitute, he did well and didn't have time to make any mistakes!

I think it also depends on what position you play. I'm sure an assist gets you more credit as a midfielder than a goal does.

For the topic, mine's an 8.0 too on this year's version.


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It's not just your character that gets unfairly rated. I was playing for Italy against Germany in the 3rd place playoff of Euro 2016 and Osvaldo scored 4 goals in a 4-0 win. He got 7.5. What more do you want from a striker in a major tournament?

For the record, we were knocked out on pens by Portugal in the semi-final, Spain won the final.

In 3 seasons at Bordeaux I won top goal scorer, assist leader (twice) Ligue 1 player of the year, Cup assist leader, Cup best player, Ballon D'Or winner, League winners once, runners up twice, Cup winners once, Champions League winners once, Man of the Match 25 times in the league plus more in Champs League & Cup... and my overall average rating was 6.8. 6.8?! Do all those honours suggest above average to you?


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KONAMI made allot of mistakes with their PES games,on one match i scored 6 goals in eredivisie (PRO Settings) and i got 8.0 score. If i score 3 goals and have one assist,and don't make any mistakes,i'll get 7.5 :|

Oh also i hate how they say manager has picked you for the game,where the fuck does manager pick players for the game,jeeez konami do your homework better.