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Where's the search option?


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Search option was not working the last days, and since today it is removed from forum.
Will it come back or am I missing something?


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Is it just for me or is the forum experiencing some issues again at the moment? For example, I can't search, it shows an error:

"Oops! We ran into some problems.
A server error occurred. Please try again later."

Same message when posting or saving an edit, I have to refresh the page.


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I've tried to use this option for days but it does not work. Every time I use it I got an "Oops! We ran into some problems." for answer. Does anybody know what's happening?


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Just to justify issues , since posts were moved.
I have 2 issues :
1) search does not work as OP says.

2) the problem with editing posts or post new posts/threads, that need to refresh.


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The only "good" side effect of this bug , is that you can spam-edit your posts to infinity!!!!! :D :p
Hitting EDIT and then save, refresh browser (F5), edit/save/refresh all day long!!!!! :D
That's the PES community, we are trained to take advantage, even from bugs and make it worth!!!!

But you just have to be carefull, when posting, cause if you hit refresh, and then you "hit post" reply again, you post two same posts. That's why possibly, most people do mutliple same posts. :)

The search function not working, is a pain in the ar$h though!!!

The Dude

His Dudeness
Still nothing about fixing the search button? it is hard to make an OF from 2007 when i cannot search.