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Which difficulty level are you playing on?

Which difficulty level are you playing on?

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Which difficulty level are you playing on and why?

I find myself switching between Superstar and Top Player, where the former has too much scripting and the latter is too easy at times...


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Superstar, but they need to sort out the cpu AI, they can tackle well, pass well, shoot better, but it seems like they have bad decision making and poor at making runs, and your right about top player, scripting is awful... they do need to sort this out, because pes 2014 will be brilliant offline once these problems are fixed.


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Professional, 15minute games edit formations and tactics for all teams from Argentina and chile (Chilean is my div 2 in ml) took that from the pes stats database.

Semi assist cursor change
0 pass assist
Advanced throughball
Manual shooting
No indicators on
Manual control of 2nd player
Default camera
-1 speed

Generally manually use keeper as well during the game saves on some the mistakes.
I love the game when I start winning easily on prof I will move up but right now the COM AI is giving me games that are really close


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Superstar. Always play games on the hardest level or you don't get your monies worth and no feeling of accomplishment. Haven't scored a lot and haven't had a lot scored against the challendge.


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Im testing out professional and superstar atm.

What I can say so far is that top player is completely useless, and I do not advise anyone to play on top player, its completely broken.


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I started on Pro and had to lower it one notch because im playing BAL and every single frakin AI is dribbling and doing tricks 24/7. My own team wont "play" a pass, and instead decide to take on 4 men at a time and lose the ball. Or they are clean through and decide to roulette AWAY from the goal and right in to defenders.


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Top player.

Superstar is ridiculous like it was on 2013, where every AI player plays like Messi.


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Move from Pro to superstar, skip top player as I not sure why AI can run like bull and shoot like using aim-bot..

I wish patch 2 can fix those issues ..