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which game to buy


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Hello. Im a big fan of Football (Soccer) games. I have just some doubts i would like

you to help me with, as you are more experts than me in this game series.

I want mainly to be able to play any FIFA or PES game with the option to:

-Play up to with 22 friends online at the same time in the same field (11 vs 11),

like in this videos: (PES 2014 for X-BOX 360) (PES2014 for PS3)
-Play controlling just 1 player, like in that video
-Play WITH THAT 3RD PERSON CAMERA. I put emphasis in this camera because this 3rd

person camera seems more "inmersive" than the normal and very common "TV camera from

a side", and also, if there were a 1st person cam, it would be even better.

I mean, if you know ALL the FIFA games and all the PES games, i want to know which

of those games has that option. For example, in that video i see PES 2014 for X-Box

360 which has that option i want it.

Thanks in advance guys!! With your help i could know which game i could buy to play

online with lot of new friends im sure i will get around the globe!


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With regards to FIFA, Team Play died with FIFA 13 (the last FIFA game that had it). I would reccommend FIFA 15 Pro Clubs. Join a team or create one and recruit some friends and invite randoms. You probably won't get 11v11 in a match but maybe a 5v5 if you're lucky and you will get to control one player. You're not gonna get a 3rd person camera in this kind of mode. I imagine that would make things incredibly difficult anyway because if your team mate was behind you how would you know where to run to receive the pass?

I haven't played it but from what I hear, PES 2015 team play isn't up to scratch yet. Maybe that will change with PES 2016. Not too long to wait to find out.

Edit: This thread is quite old.