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Who else has died when their OWN care package has landed on them ?

Mullet Taylor

Registered User
come on, we're all friends here. i can honestly say i've died 3 times via the stupid package landing on me.

1st - I took awhile getting into a safe place, threw the smoke on the ground at my feet not knowing, i'm looking up at the helicopter waiting for the daft thing to be spat out, then the fucker flattens me

2nd - I call it in then an enemy shoots at me, i start shooting back and look for cover, i find some cover but then i get flattened

3rd time - i spawn and one randomly flattens me, my team mates, much to his amusement.

the feeling is like getting knifed in C.S 1.6. Just totally gutting, So c'mon, who else has shared my pain ?

also i believe killing someone with a care package is a finishing move - Goodluck pulling that one off fellas

Dale C.

Registered User
Yeah the first care package I ever called killed me.

I since learned from that mistake :lol:


Registered User
Yeah i've done it. It bounced off something and just wiped me out.

This. Either bounced of an object or bounced off down the sloping ground and hit me straight in the face.

Anyone killed any else with one?

Ive killed a teammate but not a guy on the other team.


Registered User
Really dont know how u can get killed by ur own care packasge just dont stand near the smoke and you will be safe. However i have killed a couple of my team mates by accident with them foolishly standing in the smoke only to get squished which i found quite funny.


Registered User
ok feel abit foolish now, i got killed by my own care package now, it didnt even hit me head on as well, just bounced on the floor and took me out somehow. Then one of my own team mates tried to knick it luckily for me i spawned right near it.