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Why hate those 'through ball spammers'?


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Konami know the problems with the game, they just don't give a fuck. Thus, I will not give a fuck about their games and never buy them again.

The fact they only bothered to put 5 songs in the game this year is proof they don't give a shit anymore. I will buy Fifa from now on until there is a new competitor. Fifa isn't perfect but it is playable and fun. People actually try to play football on it instead of through ball spamming, and you can choose not to play against Ronaldo C.F nearly every single game.

As seen as nobody has responded to my thread asking for fair people to play against me online then this will be my last post on this dead forum.

You had a similar post in 2014 thread about the same subject!? If you like music turn on the radio and get over with stupid theories.

Just stop playing it online because it's absolute shit. Problem solved.

And seriously, you're complaining about songs in the game? I've honestly never heard such a ridiculous whinge about a football game.

if you want my opinion the reason that konami fucked up the off line game was to make it similar with the online thinking if you get use to play with shit off line you may accept the worst shit on line.

After i eat up the super star level scripts in BAL i though is time for payback Master league, Barcelona and i could score much more goals, villa had the dummy runner card i was thinking about anyway. So can you imagine how i felt when i found nobodies and low level players in there? I deleted the game on the spot and i let it all in the rage thread!? I mean even if i had something good to write for pess 2013 why should I do it?