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Why i can't play European Masters Cup?


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I play ML, all cup i can play. Like D1 cup, European Championship but i cannot play European Masters Cup :(

I got this msg:

"As the player team was seeded for the first match. No player game took place."

why this happen n why i cant play this?
You play the European Masters Cup if you finish 3rd - 6th in the league.

You can also qualify by winning the D1 cup but if you finish 1st or 2nd aswell, you'll be put into the European Championship.


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so how to enable that?

Like what Aaronarid and LostGalatico said, finish somewhere from 3rd ~ 6th position in Division 1, or win the D1 Cup while avoiding 1st and 2nd positions in the league.

You may have to deliberately lose some games though.


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erm, how to look im in what position? and how to know im in what division?

i think i have finished the D1 Cup before, always win with this cup...