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why is 8 the highest rating?


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On PS2 some years ago (I don't remember which PES, PES 2008 maybe?), I got some 9.5. I remember it was not difficult to get a 9.0 for example. Since I moved to PS3, I haven't never got higher than 8.5.

A sea snail

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I think it depends on how well you carry out the managers instructions not necessarily how many goals you score tbh


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Ive gotten only an 8 in this pes But a few years ago in pes 08 i got a 10 against the cpu.

I played beginner difficulty against TEAM A with classic brazil. All i did was give the ball to pele (palm) and dribbled by the defence and scored. It was a 30 minute match so i think i got around 35 goals lol. I know it took no skill but i still got a ten


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The Goalie of my oponent should have been awarded at least 9,5 almost every other game, becouse he is stoping every other shot, plus not to mention a double sometimes and still he recives only 6.0 or 5.5 becouse an AI would eventualy let one in..Most times the keepers are the MOM..AI cheating and wrong ratng all the way...


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is not easy

To have all your passes perfect, all your shoots in target goals and play and some defensive moves if you started a new ball player that needs to develop stamina, body balance and some skill cards as well.

And you must not get offside no matter what! I mean you can take 7.5, 8 even with 3 goals only 2 in the first half and 1 in the second half but if you get offside then forget it! It cost you -0.5 in the rating.

I play cf finisher always btw and my job is to put the ball in the net nothing else.