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WHY, KONAMI, WHY!? (tension release)


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Don't worry, this is merely a ''release'' :tongue: post. A bit of a rant, yet a therapy of sorts.. i just need to let it out in order to continue with my day :blush:

So here i am, an 18 year old CF ''enjoying'' his second professional season at Lille, tearing up the Ligue1 with 39 goals 3 matches shy of the complete season.. we've just gotten to the EL finals, while holding our own in the french league just beneath the top (PSG is just ridiculous, Ibra&Lavezzi with 37 goals each).. it's been tough at times, but overall we've had a good season and i've scored a number of winning goals thus playing a key part in our success.. and then the supposed fatigue issue or w/e kicks in:

We lost every single match, my teammates suddenly resorted to ridiculous long balls and weak through balls that got intercepted 95% of times.. despite it all, i've worked my butt off to get into some nice goal scoring opportunities - which, by scoring 58 goals during the season i usually make good use of, only to somehow miss every single one..

So here we are, we've slipped from CL qualifying 2nd place to an ungrateful 4th, i've lost my top scorer award to the PSG duo-on-steroids, and despite being the only bright spark in our game, the manager's rating of my player dropped substantially, while the others barely got any stick, which is actually what pisses me off most - why does my rating drop 3 times as much as any other player's when i don't fulfill my task? I hardly doubt that's part of the flaunting realism this game brags about :no:

Anyway, that's all, i feel better now :tongue:

Feel free to use this thread for therapeutic rants, they really do help!