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Why would anyone play MyClub?


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Initially, I hated PES 15 but then realized that with the right tweaks, to remove a lot of the scripting and gameplay inconsistencies, it can be a decent game, only offline though - online all that nonsense comes back and cannot be removed.

Anyways, I also found BAL to be quite fun too (because the same tweaks can be made).

Then I decided after 200 odd hours of playing PES 15 to try MyClub...

...after playing 3 games I can safely say that MyClub contains all the worst problems affecting PES 15.
I mean starting off with a novice team is fine and I could accept that if the game was honest and consistent but it's not.

MyClub sees all the problems associated with AI scripting come back with a vengeance. This includes players often running away from the ball or into each other at crucial moments. Player slowdown while AI speeds up or just react extremely slowly, players often take extra touches (sometimes resulting in double strides) that I have no control over, the stamina is laughable, tackling is often coupled with delays and a lot of the time is practically non-existent where I find, quite often, that I am not ever allowed to get into a position to use sliding tackle, my only hope.
Overall, I feel that I have very little control over what is happening and that my gameplay is merely bottlenecked by an ever-controlling AI. The whole experience is just plain horrible and I don't give a crap about getting a free Ibrahimovic through the free player bonus and Goetze etc for none of this means anything when the gameplay is so awful.

Are we supposed to pretend there is some element of strategy in here via the player link meter and being forced to juggle players i.e. crap with more crap while the gameplay on the pitch is pretty much controlled?

It would appear, to me, that instead of consistent, solid gameplay, realism and a tactical system that actually translates to something on the pitch the addiction to play is largely replaced with the idea of obtaining the daily prizes for putting in the hours, a system which seems to permeate a lot of games these days (particularly mobile games - where players are rewarded for constantly logging in - and in MMOs 'grinding dailies') because the idea of playing this crap just to try and build your team up to a point where the AI scripting disappears and players again begin to do what they're supposed to that the controls regain their consistency, in other words to the point I can achieve already via changing game settings is an utter and absolute insult.

So, why would anyone trudge through this crap-fake-joke of a journey with MyClub only to reach the level of gameplay you can achieve immediately through offline settings?

That's just it, I won't, and don't. Which makes me wonder, why would anybody else?

P.S. Im talking about the PC version.


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i stopped playing it 6 weeks ago, the scripting just overtook everything for me. I had barely no control over anything.


It is happening again
I've been playing it a bit recently, and I just don't get the appeal. It's not the actual gameplay that's bothering me, it's just the random nature of it all. I don't want to have to keep playing, in order to gain coins/xp/whatever, to only get the chance of signing a top player. Also, I made the mistake of "playing" a SIM match..... that's 15mins of my life I'll never get back. I won 2-1, and had about 80% of the possession, with my players playing plenty of defensive passes. It was torture.


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i started playing this shit game mode this weekend, just to give it a try, and i AGREE WITH EVERYTHING you said in the OP.

this mode is ridiculous at best, the "scripting" / momentum / wetf is just too hard to play against, especially my defensive players are just stuck or even more FROZEN and are always, always losing out on any offensive player from the opponents. man marking in general, or defending against high balls, is non-existent...
when the score was 2-2 i was in the 80th+ minute and was clean thru to score a potential winner, then my 2nd striker comes in and jogs right into my ballcarrying player, both stumble and the ball is picked up by a defender...

i know i probably shouldnt mention Fifa and Ultimate Team here, but seriously, this game mode is a bad joke of a bad-joke-copy of ea's ultimate team. just goes to show you HOW MUCH konami have left to do in terms of producing serious, useful, consistently working Programming Code.
please Konami, do yourself a favor, stop this shitload of code and from PES 16 on, think twice about only releasing the game every 2 years, so that theyll have enough time to get their game right. make it a proper competition with the other bullshit footy game