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Will I go bust?


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Hi all,

I have another quick question reference Master League offline on PES2012. How much money do you get for winning the PES League in your first season? I managed to get a few Classic players in during the transfer window but noticed that my expected earnings are seriously in the negative. I was wondering if I won the league how much can I expect to receive at the end of the season. If it's not a lot then I might have to sell one of the two Classic players I have in the January transfer window to prevent my game ending

Any help would be appreciated




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Depending on which league your playing i guess.... i got 10mil for winning the cup and the league combined (not sure about seperately), but yeah be careful when in negative balance, cos for me, my chairman started putting my better players up for sale behind my back and replaced them with youth team prospects (less salary i suppose) but when your top of the league and suddenly your giant cb (rated 78) is sold and replaced with a midget 16 year old (rated 56) it gets a little trickier!


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When the season finishes, you lose all the money have earned and they give you fixed amount of money again like the begin and after that you will have to pay the players wages. If you have bought lots of players or increased their wages too it is likely that the fixed amount of money they gave for you to spend for the new season you will go in debt which will provide you of an encounter of getting out of debt to sell players. If you do not sell players to get out of the debt, PES will automatically will do it and that is bad because you could potentially lose your best player. I would recommend to buy new players before the new season with the money earned and give them reasonable wages.