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Will Villa Turn it Around Next Season?


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I'm one of those miserable Villa fans who's had to endure a horrible season, bearing witness to dismal display after dismal display. Fortunately, I've spent most of the last season travelling around Asia so I've only had to watch from afar whilst my poor friends had been going to the games. It's been coming for a while and the last few seasons have prepared us for the inevitability. Lerner lost interest a long time ago and we've been in free-fall. I just hope now that the changes we've made at the top will help stop the rot, they'll draft in a solid Manager and we'll carry a squad into next season, after the summers comings and goings, that can propel us straight back to the top tier. To be honest though, whenever we go back up, I want us to be ready and to have completely freshened up our whole approach. We have a great stadium and great support, we should be pushing for Europe, not be playing in the Championship.

What does everyone else think? Personally, I think its going to be a tough task indeed, getting out of the Championship isn't easy. Look how well the Teams have done from last years promoted sides and look who is going to go down with us. Would you bet against say Newcastle or Sunderland, if they did go down, getting the top two spots for promotion next term? Tough times ahead!


It is happening again
You situation is similar to that of Leeds. Big club, with a good history, but bad management at the top. Your players are talented enough to take you straight back up next season, but do they have the right attitude? I doubt it. Many of them will be thinking they're too good for the Championship. Like you said, it'll be tough.
As a Bolton fan, I can empathise with having to put up with shocking performances week in week out, seeing the same "we must stick together" type comments every week after getting beat. Like me, though, I think you should be glad that you've been relegated. A chance to rebuild the club, so to speak. Lets face it, Villa's time in the PL has become very stale. This relegation could turn out to be exactly what the club needs.


Everything in that comment applies to Newcastle as well. They need to be relegated, and maybe then they'll wake up.

I don't think they'll turn it around in the next 3 years.


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I don't think the situation at Newcastle is as drastic. They just need to finally do a better job at investing properly. Despite his negatives, Ashley has shown he's willing to put decent money behind the team.

I heard somewhere that Villa have the 7th highest wage bill in the Premier League? That's shocking if that's right. I think they should be looking to solidify their place in The Championship over the next year or so, then they'll be better prepared to be a Premier League team again. The size of the club alone should be enough to attract good Football League players.


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Yep, our wage bill has been ridiculous ever since the O'Neil days and we've never really addressed it fully When you've got the likes of Charles N'Zogbia on well over £3,000,000 a year, and he's been on that for the last 5 or 6 years, that says it all. He should have gone a long-time ago. We did have a bit of a clear-out last year and bought in a lot of new players during the summer but I think we just spent too much at once and expected everyone to gel straightaway. Personally though, I do think Sherwood would have come good in the end and needed more time. He was struggling tactically because he'd got so many new players and he didn't have enough of pre-season to prepare them all. Things just spiralled from then on and it quickly became clear that we would be going down, albeit for a miracle. I do think there's quality in there but the players for whatever reason haven't looked interested and I'm not surprised the way the clubs been run. Let's hope the big summer shake-up will put us in good stead. We're not the first team that's needed this kind of wake-up call and we can turn it to our advantage, fingers crossed that better decisions will be made from here on out.