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Woodgate Vs Terry

Wood or Terry ?

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Jonny2J said:
Terry's anticipation is nowhere near the level of Woodgate's, Woodgate barely has to make a tackle his reading of the game is that good. He's already swept up and distributed the ball before having to lunge in.

Come on Jonny a guy who has hardly played football over two years is not going to be as sharp as a guy who has basically hit his peak over the last two..


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John Terry by 1000 miles.

Can't see what all the fuss is about over Jonathan Woodgate?

OK, he was a good defender but hes now a has-been. I mean, for fuck sake, hes joined the Middlesbrough retirement home.


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Fully fit? Woodgate. He's technically a far better player, and a far better defender. Perhaps Terry is a better leader, but that has nothing to do with his defensive abilities.


I drink your Milkshake
All these defenders are whack and back in the day Mick Heathcote would have shit all of these.

pro evo 11

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jt is better but if woodgate did not have so many injuries i think he would of been miles better than jt


Howay the Lads
Probably a bit biased but id choose a fully fit Woodgate over Terry. Only thing Woody majorly lacks is Terry's leadership skills.


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oasis84 said:
There is no comaparison! JT is the best defender in europe...ok, lets say the WORLD! :D
No he isn't. Cannavaro is easily the best. I wouldn't even consider Terry the best defender in England.


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Viperized said:
No he isn't. Cannavaro is easily the best. I wouldn't even consider Terry the best defender in England.

Do you mind me asking who is then?