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Anyone have any thoughts about Colplay's new ablum? I think its better than Rush Of Blood to the head, not overproduced.


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I'm gunna get this when my exams end. It looks good and I like most Coldplay stuff but I don't think "Speed of sound" is a good song to release to advertise the album.

I'm going to see them play at Crystal Palace in late June :D


The Boss
My favourite Coldplay album. Some people were saying it had no songs which stood out, but I have to disagree. Speed of Sound is ironically the weakest song on the album for me. Favourite track is 'Talk'.


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I never know what to expect with Coldplay albums. For me they tend to go to one extreme to the next, one song I will love but then the next song will be Chris whinning on about something that just makes me want to kick his head in.

Still, I have all three and program the track list beforehand.

Can't say that there was much on this third one that stood out for me but then I have only listened to it once.


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Flipper the Priest said:
Better than Rush of Blood to the Head, not as good as Parachutes.

Fix You is the best track, I find.
I like Fix You and Swallowed In The Sea both Quality.


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Fix You is great, and so is the first track( the name escapes me), i'm pleased with this album, and for me anways, i have to listen to coldplay's albums a couple of times through to really get an appreciation for it. A top quality effort imo.


It's Supposed to Bubble
I listened to it online, from what I can gather, it's average, uninspired, and basically what I expect from Coldplay.


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JoeyM said:
I listened to it online, from what I can gather, it's average, uninspired, and basically what I expect from Coldplay.

if you haven't noticed this is the coldplay ballwashing thread, your comments stick out like a sore thumb...

but seriously, uninspired? i guess ur definition of the word uninspired is quite different from mine.

Papa Lazarou

When i first heard the album i went "well its ok but its nowt to shout about. It just sounds like Coldplay" but after a few listens im really impressed with it.

I still think Parachutes is their best album though BY FAR!!